Sunday, March 20, 2011

The speed of time


It flies.

It came to me when I was in my every 9 months dental check-up, and my dentist is a young man, I think quite fresh from graduating, at least 2 years-lah if including housemanship. And I realise that, huh, I have some classmates studying, or is going to study dentistry. Like, Adrian Ng of my graduating class which has gone to Universitas Padjajaran at Indonesia. A fellow blogger, James Leong is also currently studying medicine (dentistry) in India. We were at the same school but I only knew him long after graduated, lol. Even my cousin sister in Form 5 this year recently expressed an interest in becoming a dentist.

And most of us are also crawling everywhere by now, in every part of Klang Valley across every sectors of knowledge we’re interested in. Some may have even graduated already and moved on to undergraduate studies, those in 1 year programmes and enrolled in January 2010. It’s quite amazing to think in retrospect, that 1 year few months ago we were all in the same class playing cho tai di and slacking before SPM.

Ha, that’s life… 1 year on and maybe I will reminisce on MCKL and how it is so different from humongous Yu Hua. And of course, I am still wishing for everyone in 5E to be successful in your pursuits!

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