Sunday, February 20, 2011



Is the name I christened for my friend Simpson’s new object of interest – the SpaceProbe 130 STEQ Reflector. Hence the name Stephanie. He was adamantly against it, and after we left he renamed it Buddy. Best not to get the telescope confused, duh :D

I dabbled in stargazing and astronomy back in Form 2-3, to the point of something I may call ‘intermediate amateur’. Back then I only had a pair of binoculars which is more suitable for bird watching, but nevertheless I made do and managed to see interesting things from my backyard such as the Pleiades, Orion Nebula, the Moon. Back then I focused more on constellations.

So our stargazing gathering last night was somewhat sort of a homecoming for me to the stars, now with a family in tow. Anyway, under the starry skies I screamed out “Tadaima / I’m home!” to the familiar sights of the likes of Sirius and the Orion belt. And of course, I gained more from the trip, seeing and identifying more constellations and perfected my RA-Declination concept. With Stephanie we observed Saturn, the Moon and M41, a star cluster near Sirius.


Here’s for more clear skies and stargazing nights! Cheers!


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