Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Price of Tradition III

Of course, it’s the Chinese New Year staple, gambling!


LOL this doesn’t happen to me often. Truth is I’m a pretty crappy gambler, with even no signs of ‘beginner’s luck’ the very first time I played =.=. Guess this is a good sign, as ‘God does not play dice’ and this effectively keeps me away from the likes of casinos, 4Ds and jackpots, haha!

Anyway, my favourite style of card game is none other than Cho Tai Di / Big Two / Da Lao Er / Hong Kong style poker. If you’re wondering, here are the rules of Cho Tai Di, and there is a website that allows you to play this Cho Tai Di game with other players, but you need to register-lah! This Cho Tai Di is a combination of luck and skill, if you play your cards right you can even turn the tables of fate and win with a lousy deck!

Oh and guess what, I just found a blackjack statistics chart (for single deck). Let me study this first… and I shall (hopefully) turn my tables tonight! :D


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