Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Price of Tradition II

Chemistry Class Question : What are fireworks?

Answer : Fireworks are what you get when you ignite a string of metal and get patterns of different colours depending on the type of metal used. When the metal is ignited, the electrons in the metal atoms jumps to a higher quanta level and when it drops back to its ground state, it releases photons of varying wavelength depending on the type of metal atoms. Green are caused by barium, lilac by potassium, white by magnesium, and yellow-red by sodium. There are also some fireworks with gunpowder inside and when you ignite the firework it flies up into the sky and explodes. Many people have been hurt by these types of fireworks and therefore it is banned for public safety. In addition, fireworks are dangerous things and mishandling them may cause injury or even death. The smoke from the combustion also contributes to air pollution, and the noise produced will disrupt people and causes noise pollution.    ITS BEAUTIFUL.

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It’s simply just not Chinese New Year without playing with fire. Come on, get your asses up, go out and light that damn stick that you’ve wanted to play for so long.

Happy Chinese New Year.

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