Sunday, February 13, 2011



What that was initially taken as a small ‘gesture’ from a small group of youths turns out a sweeping wave of unprecedented proportions that ousted former President Hosni Mubarak’s regime of 30 years. Articles and comments and videos are already running around in the newspapers and websites., but still I would like to add my part in this large cauldron that set the world buzzing about democracy in the Arab world, once thought impossible.

And in comparison, this is what that happened in our own country.


The picture speaks it all. This was taken at a press conference organized by the pro-Mahasiswa (a student rights activists body) students of the Malaya University which was interrupted by the university authorities on 11 Feb 2011. Apparently the university authorities haven’t took a hint  from the World section of the newspapers. And this comment was issued by the authorities to the students involved :
“Saya minta kepada semua bersurai. Kalau tidak bersurai, saya akan hantar nama kamu ke HEP (Hal Ehwal Pelajar). Tolong fikir masa depan (kamu) dan emak ayah kamu di rumah,” I ask of you all to dismiss from here. If you don’t, I will send your names to the Student relations department. Please think of your future and your parents at home.
Don’t you think that this is like a gimmick that can happen only in Primary School “I will send your names!” huh. And the ending sentences sounds like a threat to the students there where freedom of speech, so passionately advocated in democracy nations is subdued in a university, the top one in our country where where apparently all the brains are gathered?

Unfortunately we are living a higher standard of life, provided by the advantages of natural resources of oil and gas under the seas. Nobody are really suffering, as long as you go along with the system you will live a peaceful and quite life, all’s right with the world, have a nice day. Unlike in Egypt, where 20-30% of the population are still in poverty. Their sufferings are more widely felt, and in turn they are more active in politics for it concerns their daily lives and their future. In fact, what I think that makes the British, Chinese, Russians and Americans so strong (or was so strong) is that their weather caused them to be more aggressive and powerful. In contrast, we laidback tropical nations are so comfortable with all year round sunshine that even when someone comes to rule over us, we don’t really care unless it affects our rice bowls only. We only fought for independence because of someone who bothered to take a stroll in the United Kingdom and learnt what did it mean by being colonised.

And what can be more despairing than being betrayed by our own people and not knowing about it.

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