Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wisdom tooth

It’s one of the times where something can irritate me more than my nose – teeth.

My fellow teeth has a fair share of damage, trauma and oddities. I remember a dentist once commented that two of my teeth has switched places when they grow! Not to mention the sensitive tooth accident caused by a careless novice dentist last year, now since cured. And now, exactly one week before my first A-Levels exam, cometh the wisdom tooth.

It was the last wisdom tooth to grow, the other 3 I’ve no idea when did they sprouted out. And with it’s growth, the gums swollen and a dull pain is now always in my jaw. Initially I thought oh shit did I had a toothache, but after repeated ice chewing it proved not the case (and somehow relieved the pain a little). There was one night where the gum has swollen badly, I can’t even close my jaw!

Some people recommended me to pull the wisdom teeth straight away, saying that it is very hard to take care of and will rot easily. But I think the tooth is there for a reason, whether we know it or not. I take the same stance on braces, the arrangement of my teeth (even the place-swapping one) are like that for a reason. And normally I have no problem chewing, so why bother fixing things that are not broken?

Oh ya, and if you consider the ‘feng shui’ view for this event, a wisdom tooth before an exam sounds like good luck! :D

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