Sunday, January 30, 2011

What if

(Beware, the following things are all results of random thinking, and crap to some of you. And by my line of thinking the discussion  goes on and on, thus the long post)

What if, the setting for each and every story, factual and imaginative, classics and futuristic, be it from books, games, movies, or just simply by word-of-mouth, actually exists in a parallel universe to ours… and the story we thought up is a trans-dimensional window to the universes?


What if this place really existed? In a parallel universe, of course.

The parallel universe exists beyond our limits of physical perception, which now only  includes the 4 dimensions. But between the wires of our brains, our consciousness could really do much more than just that. By aid of imagination fuelled by fiction, maybe we really have the ability to penetrate dimensional faults and access otherworldly places. In our mind. And of course reversely, maybe our existence is just a story thought up by another person, or ‘mind’ to be exact. Or even, your existence is just a rouge program in the sea of consciousness.


The ‘mind’ that may have been your lifeline for your existence. Of course, it may also have no shape or form, it may be a butterfly (you will see an example at the end of this post)

You may argue that compared to the fictional world, our world is very much complete until the solar systems, while they have maybe only have a town, a country, a fictional planet. In other words, you may say that their world is incomplete and therefore cannot exist.Well, this is just a matter of perceptions. You know the NPC’s (non-playable characters) in a game? Most of the time they just stand there doing nothing. However, they may just have a life just like us. What you see in the story is just the part of the parallel universe. Likewise, you claim that our world is more ‘complete’, but have you really seen it whole? You may be just merely a NPC in a story too.

And of course, being a different universe, different laws of physics, laws of matter applies. So not surprising if that world have people who can yield fire and water, strange creatures and bizarre technology that enables the creature to be stored in a ball. Everything is possible. Our usual laws of whatever doesn’t apply there!

Even if with stories using present settings, this can be easily explained by the concept of ‘alternative histories’, just like in a game where you encounter a decision making point, only that your choice will not eliminate the other choice’s stories, but it goes on in another ‘path of history’. When you imagine what if Hitler hasn’t gone to Russia and ended up conquering whole of Europe, it actually happened in another parallel universe, too bad for the people there. Even the thought of ‘what if I went to the supermarket this morning’ may spawn a parallel universe where you went to the supermarket and after that!


Each Decision will spawn a universe parallel to yours!

Of course, you can see that this poses a serious problem, where the entropy of the universe increases ridiculously. In other words, there are too many spin-off universes for the universe to handle! A solution lies in which the choices we make are actually a preset from our Creator, that is the ‘mind’ that thought up our story. And this helps in sustaining our path of history compared to the alternatives. Another line of thought is that since the story, you is narrated by a first-person view, the alternative histories where you will eventually get killed or that will lead to your existence not possible (i.e. your father not meeting your mother) will just stop, and that universe will collapse.

Then of course you may ask if histories dies off, why there even is a proposal that the alternative universes which is more ridiculous exists? That is because as long as you are imagining the world, the world exists. If you look at it from a first person view, you might stop the story when your ‘character’ meets his demise, i.e. a GAME OVER. But it so happens that most of the story is told by an omnipresent third person view, and that a constant watch over that world exists. As in this story, you are just following the story as set by its Creator, the author, you will not meet to any alternative histories that collapses unto itself until at least the author puts an end to it. That’s why every story have an end.

And I shall put an end to this here. If we go on, there would be no end as from a critical perspective, an imaginary world really provides some easy way out of tight arguments. Just like the usual joke you may heard, “Have you done your assignment?” “Don’t worry, cos’ I’m sure that somewhere in the multiverse it’s already done!”


Lastly, to quote from the thinker Chuang Tzu, “This world as seen by me, may be no more than just a butterfly’s dream.” How true it was!


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