Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Story You Didn’t Know

…is above you, the orchestra of the heavenly bodies that had people in awe for millennia until now, and pushed imaginations to the limit of mankind, trying to understand the skies above, the origin of it, and within it, the origin of ourselves and why is that we are here.

It’s an eternal love story, where all else may fail you but the skies won’t. It’s a passionate one-way relationship, with many people trying to understand her, but only so few in a million had even caught a glimpse of her true self. It spawned, among others, stories and legends of the gods and heroes, damsels and knights, epic battles and tragedies. And now it continues to fascinate us – time travel, black holes, cosmic strings.. you name it.

The magic of a meteor shower. The sheer realization of our lonely existence among the planets. The excitement of getting a glimpse of a forbidden world, when unmanned probes goes where no man is supposed to be there. Mind-blowing theories, of 10 dimensions, of space-time.

Welcome to astronomy. 

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