Saturday, January 15, 2011


…Even in the face of adversity, where everything that can go wrong – went wrong.

This week has been sort of weird, with the poor sunshine blocked out with intermittent occasions of deluge-level rainfall. But however I complain about getting wet while going through the road from college to the train station, when I reach home I was reminded of how lucky am I compared to the people affected in the recent floods in Australia and Brazil (today).

The tough times where the sky seems to be against you is a testament of your perseverance. As people says, what that does not kill you makes you stronger. I heard from a friend today about how you can make your knuckles stronger – punch onto something hard, and some micro-fractures will form in your bones. When those heals, your bones becomes harder. It’s the same principle.

I’m currently studying A-Levels with two Maths subjects. Will you believe me if I tell you that I failed my Add Maths at the final year exam in Form 4, or else the marks rarely go above 60? Well, in Form 5 I started all over again, revising myself on the Form 4 topics that I slept through the year before. Then dengue hit me and I was down and out for 2 months. However I persevered, and thankfully my results in the end was a satisfying A+. Coupled with the intense training from Ms Lim nowadays, the skills I’ve honed are a sky apart from what I had two years ago, and I am beginning to appreciate the beauty behind the numbers.

When you’re in total darkness you can still feel the brilliance of a single light of hope. Don’t despair, for all will be better tomorrow if you strive for it. Do not forget what comes at the end of a rain – a rainbow!  

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