Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let’s talk about the weather


That’s what people do when they run out of topic, do they? Hehe… But the ‘fine’ weather these days really warrants a mention, reminiscent of a period back in 2009. However, it is now officially the monsoon season in Malaysia so it’s not really surprising.

The Edexcel exam is next week and the gloomy weather adds to the melancholic feeling. There’s no sun in the day, no stars at night… If you recently suffered a break-up with your girl/boy friend recently, too bad as the weather isn’t going to cheer you up. Not for me though, all is still right with my world, have a nice day.

My little brother has finally gotten into secondary school, the same school as mine. The talk of the day is the switch of teaching of Science and Maths back to Malay from English. Some people said that the change will happen in 2014 when my brother is in Form 4 by then, one of the grades affected by the change. But a check in the website says that the final secondary exam SPM still maintains the English option until 2015. Still, seriously doubting the competence of the Ministry there.

Along with the sad ending of the TBH court case, and the whole mess of politicking in both the Govt and the Opposition instead of doing their job to serve the tax-paying rakyat, it’s so disillusioning that the Gods also cried. 

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