Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ignorance is bliss =)

The time I went to Comic Fiesta last December, I recall hearing the MC saying something like ‘We are the otakus, We hate Justin Bieber’ or something like that. And just now I read in a blog something about hating JB so much that he crumpled the paper containing lyrics to his song. Haha… Really doubting TuneTalk’s wisdom in their decision to bring JB over to Malaysia for a concert. 

But I think – what the hell-lah, if you don’t like the Bieber, just ignore him-lah. As if he will endanger your life or you will be estranged by society as an anti-bieber (‘cos there are many of you, don’t worry). And JB’s fame is justified, he spent his childhood teaching himself to play the piano, drums, guitar, and trumpet, as for me I dunno what the hell was I doing in those ages. Yeah, maybe your feelings of anti-bieber is just plain jealousy, haha… But anyway you can just ignore. Just like how Miss Lim ignore Fatima when she ask about less homework.

But my mum have something of a good reason to be an anti-Bieber too - 毛都没生齐就学人唱咸色歌!(Lit: Singing horny songs when his ‘hairs’ aren’t even fully grown yet!)

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  1. HAHAHA the last part about bieber and what your mom said is epic. Lol. Well said, well said :D