Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I am special and so are you

In my opinion, there should be no such thing as a ‘trend’ in a society. Everyone is special, there is only one ‘me’, one ‘you’, one ‘Chrono13 Dancing Mad’.

We may share something in common, a favourite singer, an academic passion, a spiritual belief. But that doesn’t mean that everyone have to like something that you like, or else risk being sidelined, estranged or even labelled a heretic. Mind you, these are olden-days tactics of brainwashing the people so the authorities find it easier to control their people. It doesn’t work now. People are more informed, more powerful to make their own decisions.

The human DNA in each and every one of us is 99.9% similar, the remaining 0.1% shaping our unique characteristics and personalities. If the Creator went to such lengths to let us dictate our own will by preserving the 0.1% of signature DNA, why would we do otherwise and generalise ourselves? Might as well be like the people in the novel Brave New World where they are genetically engineered to form five classes and no more.

Therefore, I am special and so are you. We may share certain thoughts and notions, but I respect your choices that differ from mine and you on my choices too. Let this be your new practice, and say hello to the new colourful world.

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