Monday, January 31, 2011

Grandma says its end of the world

Yesterday my grandma came over to chat with my mom. As they talked about the imported cherry blossoms my mom bought for Chinese New Year decorations…

Grandma : Wow, this year your cherry blossom grows extra well eh.
Mom : Yaloh, because of the cold weather. (Looks outside). See, so gloomy, I don’t even dare to wash the bed sheets this New Year.
Grandma : Last time Chinese new year where got like this one? It’s usually so hot until the clothes also melt. (Her usual saying)
Mom : End of the world ma…. the kids always say it.
Grandma : Ya ya…. When its end of the world there’s no sun right? The days and nights you cannot differentiate any more, the plants all wither and there is no more food. 


Can’t believe that even my grandma is capable of such despairing words! But anyway, what’s up with the people nowadays… Hot weather they say global warming, cool weather they say end of the world? What the heck?

By the way ‘end of the world’ in Cantonese is ‘’Sai Kai Moot Yat” 世界末日, just in case you’re in Guangzhou on 23/12/2012. :D

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