Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dream big

Quite hard actually… especially after 3 days of the Edexcel A-Levels exam, especially Physics 1.

You won’t see these kinds of questions in the local exams, taken directly from the textbook and following a certain format already. My salutations to the examiner over there in the UK for coming up with a question relating Newton’s Laws, springs and the free fall of a slinky.

By the way, few nights ago I rediscovered a dream I had when I was young -


Pic here is one of the twin Voyager space probes launched in 1977, both intended to study Jupiter and Saturn but has now extended their missions and left the solar system to enter interstellar space. On the probes there were this golden record which were recorded with images and sounds from Earth, complete with a player and instructions in binary languages to enable any other intelligent life that encounters this probe, if they exist, to receive our message.


Space probes, among others are technologies that had me fascinated the most. The ability to roam where no man should have been, they are the eyes of humanity, eyes hungry with the desire to understand more about the stuff around us. And the control centre for these missions is the Jet Propulsion Laboratory managed by CalTech!

I believe that humans are destined to leave this Earth to colonize the Moon and planets around us, just like how our ancestors left Africa to settle in different continents 80 thousand years ago. Space exploration has been in a standstill for so long, due to the Challenger disaster and the world nowadays where people like to bomb themselves for nonsensical reasons and causing trouble to everyone.

The euphoria when the Malaysian astronaut Dr Sheikh was sent to space, although only a passenger of the Roscosmos was unforgettable. Therefore at least in my lifetime, I wanna witness a human landing on the Moon again, or even Mars. Or maybe an even greater dream, to make the foundations for sustainable human interplanetary space travel!

Therefore, look out for me, JPL and CalTech!

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