Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Adrenaline + Grey Matter

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Not a good concoction.

As you all know, adrenaline is a neurotransmitter hormones secreted by the kidneys that accelerates heart beat and prepare us for the ‘fight-or-flight’… and grey matter is the thing in our brains consisting neurons, synapses…

And as you know these two things doesn’t get along well, usually. People always said that you need a cool head to think, and when adrenaline is in your blood your head is anything but cool. In fact we can even say that adrenaline inhibits brain activity, or at least the thinking part of it. People always make rash decisions when they are chock-full with adrenaline. That’s why abrupt plot twists are often seen with the phrase ‘in the heat of the moment’.

It is an invaluable skill to be able to keep your head cool in times of emergencies where adrenaline is unfortunately, naturally secreted from your body. For example, in the last few minutes of exam time. You start to worry, you tremble, your stomach acts like there’s a spacetime collapse inside it. Your head goes blank, and in the end nothing was accomplished. That’s why I really admire paramedics. Even when the weight of the patient’s life or death lies upon their hands, they still kept their cool and pumps adrenaline into the patient (in case of heart failure) to resusciate them.

Of course, you already knew these, you even experienced it regularly. But when the time comes, more often than not your mind still succumbs to the natural reactions of the biosurvival circuit. Nevertheless it is possible to overcome this reaction, with enough mind power and of course, another natural reaction that is immunity to the situation. As for me, when I’m in the brink of turning berserk, a gulp of water always helps. Too bad usual exams doesn’t allow water bottles to be brought in.

Oh and, grey matter does not go along with the corpus cavernosum too!

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