Monday, January 31, 2011

Grandma says its end of the world

Yesterday my grandma came over to chat with my mom. As they talked about the imported cherry blossoms my mom bought for Chinese New Year decorations…

Grandma : Wow, this year your cherry blossom grows extra well eh.
Mom : Yaloh, because of the cold weather. (Looks outside). See, so gloomy, I don’t even dare to wash the bed sheets this New Year.
Grandma : Last time Chinese new year where got like this one? It’s usually so hot until the clothes also melt. (Her usual saying)
Mom : End of the world ma…. the kids always say it.
Grandma : Ya ya…. When its end of the world there’s no sun right? The days and nights you cannot differentiate any more, the plants all wither and there is no more food. 


Can’t believe that even my grandma is capable of such despairing words! But anyway, what’s up with the people nowadays… Hot weather they say global warming, cool weather they say end of the world? What the heck?

By the way ‘end of the world’ in Cantonese is ‘’Sai Kai Moot Yat” 世界末日, just in case you’re in Guangzhou on 23/12/2012. :D

Sunday, January 30, 2011

What if

(Beware, the following things are all results of random thinking, and crap to some of you. And by my line of thinking the discussion  goes on and on, thus the long post)

What if, the setting for each and every story, factual and imaginative, classics and futuristic, be it from books, games, movies, or just simply by word-of-mouth, actually exists in a parallel universe to ours… and the story we thought up is a trans-dimensional window to the universes?


What if this place really existed? In a parallel universe, of course.

The parallel universe exists beyond our limits of physical perception, which now only  includes the 4 dimensions. But between the wires of our brains, our consciousness could really do much more than just that. By aid of imagination fuelled by fiction, maybe we really have the ability to penetrate dimensional faults and access otherworldly places. In our mind. And of course reversely, maybe our existence is just a story thought up by another person, or ‘mind’ to be exact. Or even, your existence is just a rouge program in the sea of consciousness.


The ‘mind’ that may have been your lifeline for your existence. Of course, it may also have no shape or form, it may be a butterfly (you will see an example at the end of this post)

You may argue that compared to the fictional world, our world is very much complete until the solar systems, while they have maybe only have a town, a country, a fictional planet. In other words, you may say that their world is incomplete and therefore cannot exist.Well, this is just a matter of perceptions. You know the NPC’s (non-playable characters) in a game? Most of the time they just stand there doing nothing. However, they may just have a life just like us. What you see in the story is just the part of the parallel universe. Likewise, you claim that our world is more ‘complete’, but have you really seen it whole? You may be just merely a NPC in a story too.

And of course, being a different universe, different laws of physics, laws of matter applies. So not surprising if that world have people who can yield fire and water, strange creatures and bizarre technology that enables the creature to be stored in a ball. Everything is possible. Our usual laws of whatever doesn’t apply there!

Even if with stories using present settings, this can be easily explained by the concept of ‘alternative histories’, just like in a game where you encounter a decision making point, only that your choice will not eliminate the other choice’s stories, but it goes on in another ‘path of history’. When you imagine what if Hitler hasn’t gone to Russia and ended up conquering whole of Europe, it actually happened in another parallel universe, too bad for the people there. Even the thought of ‘what if I went to the supermarket this morning’ may spawn a parallel universe where you went to the supermarket and after that!


Each Decision will spawn a universe parallel to yours!

Of course, you can see that this poses a serious problem, where the entropy of the universe increases ridiculously. In other words, there are too many spin-off universes for the universe to handle! A solution lies in which the choices we make are actually a preset from our Creator, that is the ‘mind’ that thought up our story. And this helps in sustaining our path of history compared to the alternatives. Another line of thought is that since the story, you is narrated by a first-person view, the alternative histories where you will eventually get killed or that will lead to your existence not possible (i.e. your father not meeting your mother) will just stop, and that universe will collapse.

Then of course you may ask if histories dies off, why there even is a proposal that the alternative universes which is more ridiculous exists? That is because as long as you are imagining the world, the world exists. If you look at it from a first person view, you might stop the story when your ‘character’ meets his demise, i.e. a GAME OVER. But it so happens that most of the story is told by an omnipresent third person view, and that a constant watch over that world exists. As in this story, you are just following the story as set by its Creator, the author, you will not meet to any alternative histories that collapses unto itself until at least the author puts an end to it. That’s why every story have an end.

And I shall put an end to this here. If we go on, there would be no end as from a critical perspective, an imaginary world really provides some easy way out of tight arguments. Just like the usual joke you may heard, “Have you done your assignment?” “Don’t worry, cos’ I’m sure that somewhere in the multiverse it’s already done!”


Lastly, to quote from the thinker Chuang Tzu, “This world as seen by me, may be no more than just a butterfly’s dream.” How true it was!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter and Spring 2011 Anime List

Of course it’s not my doing, credits to

spring-2011 winter-2010

*click image for larger resolution*

I will not comment much, but I think some of the shows are interesting :

For winter, Yumekui Merry, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (because of director Akiyuki Shinbo), and gosick. (the name of the anime could be better ==)

For spring, it’s the “The Money of soul etc. “ show due to the director’s previous work Kuuchuu Buranko is my epic favourite. Maria Holic, SHAFT huh… maybe I’ll give it a try.

But anyway my school this semester is going to be quite busy, so I don’t think I am able to ‘chase’ all the shows :(


Just to know, this is the 3rd post with the title ‘Finally’.

 To all Stargazer Society members :

1. We are now an official club! That means no more skipping activities from now on, all of you. The weekly meetings are scheduled to every Wednesday, 430 to 530 pm. No change to the time, sorry as we had already reserved the time last year, and other times are also taken up by other clubs. I myself have 5 continuous hours of Maths before that, so just bear with it if the time’s not quite helpful.

2. Recruitment of new students – anyone wants to design a poster? or a club logo?

3. Electing the actual committee members, this will be done on the Wednesday after the Chinese New Year holidays, i.e. 9 Feb 2011.

4. Activities planned this sem is not much as you heard from all the teachers, this is a short semester. The fact that eclipses, the most visual of astronomical events are all on Edexcel exam times isn’t very helpful. But there are many more things to do, so don’t worry!

Lastly, and most importantly, have fun!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Proof by seduction

Today we’re going to discuss about the grey area involving money and favours in an election, in conjunction with the Tenang by-election this Jan 30. Frankly, I don’t bother about the by’es anymore, not with this being the 15th by-election this round, and not with further maths homework piling up.

More than just a sweet

When it’s almost time to cast the ballot you will notice more reports of ‘citizenship approval for 65 years-old’, ‘free schoolbags for schoolchildren’, ‘party pledges RM100000 for school building fund’ and so on. I even recall that there was something like a money giveaway to the Tenang folks few days ago. As a resourceful person who managed to find this blog, I suppose you aren’t foolish enough to fall for these tricks. However, not everyone in Malaysia are like you.

Of course, if you get what you wanted from the government or any party that helped, there’s no fault to support them good fellows so that they may continue to help other people. But more often than not you are suddenly given $$, free paraphernalia and other things. Suspicious pledges of thousands that came from nowhere to support SJK something. These should ring alarm bells.

I quote one case from myself, a true story : In late February 2008, few weeks before the March 2008 elections, the Selangor state government gave Rm200 each to the PMR 2007 straight A-scorers, including me. This has never happened before, and never again after mine. Of course I went, to take back the tax money my parents paid that otherwise would have flow into a white-elephant project or whatsoever.

Some claimed that this is corruption, others retorted by saying these are just gestures of goodwill from the parties, from their own coffers. Even when money isn’t directly involved, you can’t help it to question why road are tarred only just few weeks before the elections. As for my case where it is a direct angpau, the question is literally in-your-face. And the Sabah and Sarawak area, long considered a stronghold of the current government are only recently getting some economic favours, and are still underdeveloped compared to across the sea, especially in the rural areas where trees and humans are still being exploited by unscrupulous individuals and companies. 

It’s your call. Is it really a gesture of appreciation, or a blatant case of proof by seduction?

P.s. : The electoral borders for the constituencies in Malaysia are also very unbalanced, rural communities are over-representative, the borders not truly reflecting of the distribution of the populace. (as in

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Final Battle


The final boss scene imagined in the epic Final Fantasy 6, although I didn’t really made it all the way there. And the situation is now similar in my game of Edexcel A-Levels – AS Level. One more paper, C4 to go and I’m all fired up for the next semester!

The background music by the way in the final battle is titled Dancing Mad. Enjoy. Although is crappy quality this seems to be the only one with the whole length of the music (the original was 17 minutes)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The power is in your hands

It came to me that most of you (assuming the demographic of blog readers are mostly youngsters) do not follow politics. Either that you don’t bother the newspaper (your parent’s domain), you’re not old enough to vote (but that doesn’t discount you the responsibilities as a citizen) or you complain that politics are boring/dirty/etc. (you’re just being plain lazy). Face it. You’re a citizen and there are things that you should really do.

In a democracy it is very important to follow the local news, no matter how busy you are. After all, if you yourself does not care for the nation, who else will? And what’s more is that you are the ones that will take care of the nation in the future. Maybe you read things like this in your Moral or Civic before, but read on, for I will touch on far more than that.

You read that Malaysia is a democratic nation. But do you really know the true meaning of democracy? Not the meanings from the bonsai-ed Sejarah textbooks, mind you. Goverments come and go, but the nation still stands, or even goes on on their daily business. That’s real democracy.

And being a democracy, it is normal to have something of a free market, where parties markets their own ‘brand’ of good governance and plans for the country. We are something like consumers, who buys their ‘products’ when it comes to the general elections. So, just like smart consumers, we need to look past their marketing slogans and advertisements, check up on the real quality of their propagandas. And any party who gives threats for your votes are a sure no-no. Think of it, would you buy a product if the seller says “If you don’t buy this, you will have stunted growth from now on”?

Of course, you can be a supporter if you happen to resonate with the ideologies of a party. However, you have brains, dude, and you cannot support blindly especially if the party has lost it ways and deviated from its original ideals. In the words of Umar al-Khattab the second caliph of the Islamic empire when he was just elected, “If I follow the right path, follow me. If I deviate from the right path, correct me so that we are not led astray.” 

Politics are the dirtiest and most deadly games invented by humans. The subplots to distract people’s attention, withholding of ‘information’ to retain a trump card on others, manipulation of people’s minds to even topple your superiors, legal traps set up to bind opponents. These are not all, in other nations you have coups and assassinations and even civil war, pray that those does not happen here. Anyway, as a responsible citizen, you should look behind the stories and supposed facts, read between the lines… as what you perceive as the truth may be only a pretext made up to cover the true story. And keep in mind that online news are not always superior to the newspapers.

To sum up it all, be conscious of what’s happening around you, make an effort to know more about what’s true and what’s not, make your decision rationally and with an open mind, and when the time comes, it’s your turn to show who’s boss.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I am special and so are you

In my opinion, there should be no such thing as a ‘trend’ in a society. Everyone is special, there is only one ‘me’, one ‘you’, one ‘Chrono13 Dancing Mad’.

We may share something in common, a favourite singer, an academic passion, a spiritual belief. But that doesn’t mean that everyone have to like something that you like, or else risk being sidelined, estranged or even labelled a heretic. Mind you, these are olden-days tactics of brainwashing the people so the authorities find it easier to control their people. It doesn’t work now. People are more informed, more powerful to make their own decisions.

The human DNA in each and every one of us is 99.9% similar, the remaining 0.1% shaping our unique characteristics and personalities. If the Creator went to such lengths to let us dictate our own will by preserving the 0.1% of signature DNA, why would we do otherwise and generalise ourselves? Might as well be like the people in the novel Brave New World where they are genetically engineered to form five classes and no more.

Therefore, I am special and so are you. We may share certain thoughts and notions, but I respect your choices that differ from mine and you on my choices too. Let this be your new practice, and say hello to the new colourful world.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ignorance is bliss =)

The time I went to Comic Fiesta last December, I recall hearing the MC saying something like ‘We are the otakus, We hate Justin Bieber’ or something like that. And just now I read in a blog something about hating JB so much that he crumpled the paper containing lyrics to his song. Haha… Really doubting TuneTalk’s wisdom in their decision to bring JB over to Malaysia for a concert. 

But I think – what the hell-lah, if you don’t like the Bieber, just ignore him-lah. As if he will endanger your life or you will be estranged by society as an anti-bieber (‘cos there are many of you, don’t worry). And JB’s fame is justified, he spent his childhood teaching himself to play the piano, drums, guitar, and trumpet, as for me I dunno what the hell was I doing in those ages. Yeah, maybe your feelings of anti-bieber is just plain jealousy, haha… But anyway you can just ignore. Just like how Miss Lim ignore Fatima when she ask about less homework.

But my mum have something of a good reason to be an anti-Bieber too - 毛都没生齐就学人唱咸色歌!(Lit: Singing horny songs when his ‘hairs’ aren’t even fully grown yet!)

Saturday, January 15, 2011


…Even in the face of adversity, where everything that can go wrong – went wrong.

This week has been sort of weird, with the poor sunshine blocked out with intermittent occasions of deluge-level rainfall. But however I complain about getting wet while going through the road from college to the train station, when I reach home I was reminded of how lucky am I compared to the people affected in the recent floods in Australia and Brazil (today).

The tough times where the sky seems to be against you is a testament of your perseverance. As people says, what that does not kill you makes you stronger. I heard from a friend today about how you can make your knuckles stronger – punch onto something hard, and some micro-fractures will form in your bones. When those heals, your bones becomes harder. It’s the same principle.

I’m currently studying A-Levels with two Maths subjects. Will you believe me if I tell you that I failed my Add Maths at the final year exam in Form 4, or else the marks rarely go above 60? Well, in Form 5 I started all over again, revising myself on the Form 4 topics that I slept through the year before. Then dengue hit me and I was down and out for 2 months. However I persevered, and thankfully my results in the end was a satisfying A+. Coupled with the intense training from Ms Lim nowadays, the skills I’ve honed are a sky apart from what I had two years ago, and I am beginning to appreciate the beauty behind the numbers.

When you’re in total darkness you can still feel the brilliance of a single light of hope. Don’t despair, for all will be better tomorrow if you strive for it. Do not forget what comes at the end of a rain – a rainbow!  

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dream big

Quite hard actually… especially after 3 days of the Edexcel A-Levels exam, especially Physics 1.

You won’t see these kinds of questions in the local exams, taken directly from the textbook and following a certain format already. My salutations to the examiner over there in the UK for coming up with a question relating Newton’s Laws, springs and the free fall of a slinky.

By the way, few nights ago I rediscovered a dream I had when I was young -


Pic here is one of the twin Voyager space probes launched in 1977, both intended to study Jupiter and Saturn but has now extended their missions and left the solar system to enter interstellar space. On the probes there were this golden record which were recorded with images and sounds from Earth, complete with a player and instructions in binary languages to enable any other intelligent life that encounters this probe, if they exist, to receive our message.


Space probes, among others are technologies that had me fascinated the most. The ability to roam where no man should have been, they are the eyes of humanity, eyes hungry with the desire to understand more about the stuff around us. And the control centre for these missions is the Jet Propulsion Laboratory managed by CalTech!

I believe that humans are destined to leave this Earth to colonize the Moon and planets around us, just like how our ancestors left Africa to settle in different continents 80 thousand years ago. Space exploration has been in a standstill for so long, due to the Challenger disaster and the world nowadays where people like to bomb themselves for nonsensical reasons and causing trouble to everyone.

The euphoria when the Malaysian astronaut Dr Sheikh was sent to space, although only a passenger of the Roscosmos was unforgettable. Therefore at least in my lifetime, I wanna witness a human landing on the Moon again, or even Mars. Or maybe an even greater dream, to make the foundations for sustainable human interplanetary space travel!

Therefore, look out for me, JPL and CalTech!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Story You Didn’t Know

…is above you, the orchestra of the heavenly bodies that had people in awe for millennia until now, and pushed imaginations to the limit of mankind, trying to understand the skies above, the origin of it, and within it, the origin of ourselves and why is that we are here.

It’s an eternal love story, where all else may fail you but the skies won’t. It’s a passionate one-way relationship, with many people trying to understand her, but only so few in a million had even caught a glimpse of her true self. It spawned, among others, stories and legends of the gods and heroes, damsels and knights, epic battles and tragedies. And now it continues to fascinate us – time travel, black holes, cosmic strings.. you name it.

The magic of a meteor shower. The sheer realization of our lonely existence among the planets. The excitement of getting a glimpse of a forbidden world, when unmanned probes goes where no man is supposed to be there. Mind-blowing theories, of 10 dimensions, of space-time.

Welcome to astronomy. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let’s talk about the weather


That’s what people do when they run out of topic, do they? Hehe… But the ‘fine’ weather these days really warrants a mention, reminiscent of a period back in 2009. However, it is now officially the monsoon season in Malaysia so it’s not really surprising.

The Edexcel exam is next week and the gloomy weather adds to the melancholic feeling. There’s no sun in the day, no stars at night… If you recently suffered a break-up with your girl/boy friend recently, too bad as the weather isn’t going to cheer you up. Not for me though, all is still right with my world, have a nice day.

My little brother has finally gotten into secondary school, the same school as mine. The talk of the day is the switch of teaching of Science and Maths back to Malay from English. Some people said that the change will happen in 2014 when my brother is in Form 4 by then, one of the grades affected by the change. But a check in the website says that the final secondary exam SPM still maintains the English option until 2015. Still, seriously doubting the competence of the Ministry there.

Along with the sad ending of the TBH court case, and the whole mess of politicking in both the Govt and the Opposition instead of doing their job to serve the tax-paying rakyat, it’s so disillusioning that the Gods also cried. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wisdom tooth

It’s one of the times where something can irritate me more than my nose – teeth.

My fellow teeth has a fair share of damage, trauma and oddities. I remember a dentist once commented that two of my teeth has switched places when they grow! Not to mention the sensitive tooth accident caused by a careless novice dentist last year, now since cured. And now, exactly one week before my first A-Levels exam, cometh the wisdom tooth.

It was the last wisdom tooth to grow, the other 3 I’ve no idea when did they sprouted out. And with it’s growth, the gums swollen and a dull pain is now always in my jaw. Initially I thought oh shit did I had a toothache, but after repeated ice chewing it proved not the case (and somehow relieved the pain a little). There was one night where the gum has swollen badly, I can’t even close my jaw!

Some people recommended me to pull the wisdom teeth straight away, saying that it is very hard to take care of and will rot easily. But I think the tooth is there for a reason, whether we know it or not. I take the same stance on braces, the arrangement of my teeth (even the place-swapping one) are like that for a reason. And normally I have no problem chewing, so why bother fixing things that are not broken?

Oh ya, and if you consider the ‘feng shui’ view for this event, a wisdom tooth before an exam sounds like good luck! :D

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Red Book


It’s always good to know things in advance, in case you are caught unawares in a new situation. This is the Red Book, a public guide to their rights when dealing with the police in case of being arrested or summoned to witness. Of course, I hope that you will not have anything to do with this anytime!

Adrenaline + Grey Matter

image image

Not a good concoction.

As you all know, adrenaline is a neurotransmitter hormones secreted by the kidneys that accelerates heart beat and prepare us for the ‘fight-or-flight’… and grey matter is the thing in our brains consisting neurons, synapses…

And as you know these two things doesn’t get along well, usually. People always said that you need a cool head to think, and when adrenaline is in your blood your head is anything but cool. In fact we can even say that adrenaline inhibits brain activity, or at least the thinking part of it. People always make rash decisions when they are chock-full with adrenaline. That’s why abrupt plot twists are often seen with the phrase ‘in the heat of the moment’.

It is an invaluable skill to be able to keep your head cool in times of emergencies where adrenaline is unfortunately, naturally secreted from your body. For example, in the last few minutes of exam time. You start to worry, you tremble, your stomach acts like there’s a spacetime collapse inside it. Your head goes blank, and in the end nothing was accomplished. That’s why I really admire paramedics. Even when the weight of the patient’s life or death lies upon their hands, they still kept their cool and pumps adrenaline into the patient (in case of heart failure) to resusciate them.

Of course, you already knew these, you even experienced it regularly. But when the time comes, more often than not your mind still succumbs to the natural reactions of the biosurvival circuit. Nevertheless it is possible to overcome this reaction, with enough mind power and of course, another natural reaction that is immunity to the situation. As for me, when I’m in the brink of turning berserk, a gulp of water always helps. Too bad usual exams doesn’t allow water bottles to be brought in.

Oh and, grey matter does not go along with the corpus cavernosum too!