Friday, December 17, 2010

Round Trip

A whole year has almost passed since I left the straight road – the road of schools and classes and tuitions. In this ‘holiday’ year I went through all kinds of things, working, going to National Service, going to scholarship interviews, pursuing A-Levels in MCKL where the culture is already vastly different for me – even though it’s just a distance of 5 KTM Stations.

In the beginning I thought what would I’ll become in this year, a sports fanatic, a devoted religious one, a knowledgeable scholar… Haha, in the end I still don’t feel anything different, except for the lost pounds left in Kem Ulu Pari. I knew that I’m not trying hard enough, always doing things half-heartedly ending up in this state of Jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none. Already some people have commented that I’m like an encyclopaedia. Well, this may be the one thing I’m good at.

Yeah right, on the other hand I’m still satisfied with my ways and my life as it is, as long it doesn’t run foul of the law – so why bother fixing things when it ain’t broken?

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