Monday, December 27, 2010


IT often went like this:
Chrono : That day I was playing my piano…
Friend : Mm… you WHAT?!
Yeah, there’s something else I know apart from games, anime and astronomy. But with the length of my fingers some people doesn’t seem to believe me. That’s why I make it a point to bang the college piano the very first day of class.
IT was also always like this:
Friend: What songs do you have? Hmm… Michael Jackson, erm… Rasputin(Boney M)? Free Bird(Lynyrd Skynyrd)? … *scrolls down to MP3/Theme Songs* what is this きみのきおく?ひかりのせんりつ?ざんこくのてんしのテぜ?
Chrono: My songs are 5% of all music played on radios nationwide.
Actually, it wasn’t really that long ago. It began on the advent of the Internet, the all-encompassing archive of data that caters to almost every need. Like, my music interest. I find the music I liked best are those which has a soul, i.e. those which will evoke a feeling/scenery/mood/expression within. The closest musical term for these music I can find is “Impressionist”, but my range is far more than slow-moving, 20th century dreamy pieces.

One of my interests are soundtracks from games and TV shows. There are especially some fantastic numbers from various composers (Nobuo Uematsu of Final Fantasy fame, Key Visual Novels) that accompanies a particular scene perfectly. To make music is an art, but to make music to match a story is on a higher level. And these are epic, in my opinion. Now you know what is the music box on the right meant for, it’s my personal collection of the best soundtracks around.
Songs, they are poems sung with a tune, accompanied with matching background music and percussion. And lyrics matters to me a lot, as lyrics conveys the message of the songs and is the backbone of the ‘scenery’ associated with it. My NS friend once told me that to create a song, you must have the lyrics first. Sadly, lyrics of most of today’s pop music, the 95% on air are crap in my opinion. Especially a tune that goes ‘I want your body…’ that my pa hums every night (heard it on the radio), that one is utter bullshit.

Of course, the music matters to. And that’s what I like about Japanese anime theme songs. They are rather effective in portraying the theme of a particular show, the feeling they produce is an upbeat, positive, and lively one. Of course, if you’re in a dark mood there are also blue tunes to accompany you. Most other music, they’re just sawing their guitars and spewing something about everlasting love (Chinese pop) or sex on the beach or whatever (English).

And did I mention about the artist? For me, all that matters when it comes to a song or music, is the quality of the music and the lyrics, that’s all. It doesn’t matter if it came from a top artist or someone just new on the block, or even a YouTube star.

Finally, I hope that you have your speakers/headphones on, leave this page open and savour the finely selected music playing in my music box. Enjoy. 

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