Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mission Rapid Transit

Out of excitement over the coming soon MRT project which runs through our area, the Fong Dynasty decided to send a 4-strong Mission Rapid Transit (MRT) commission to inspect and review the nearest MRT system, in none other than the Island Republic – Singapore! Upon reaching, the MRT Commission was graciously received by the Jurong East branch of the Fong Dynasty. From left : Jurong East branch First Lady, Kajang branch Laksamana, Jurong East branch president, Kajang branch Syahbandar, Bendahara and Temenggung. 


Overview of the S’pore MRT system:


One thing is, it’s very easy to get around in the island. Out of the apartments you can go a bus stop (near), ride to the stations and ride the MRT to get around. With frequencies of around 5 mins per train, it’s more unlikely to find yourself in a sardine packed train as in KTM. Bus drivers are quite well-mannered, not RapidKL live-wire, easily combustible drivers. MRT Commission’s conclusion : Our guys can learn a lot from here.

CIMG8258 CIMG8259 CIMG8274 CIMG8275 

Of course, the MRT Commission also came to play! From the moment we touched down in the city, all we can see are Christmas, Christmas and more Christmas. Endless blocks of shopping centres around City Hall and Orchard Road, when the night sets in the whole street glows with shades of blue, purple, red etc. by hanging lightbulbs all around. Locals and tourists (and MRT Commission members) all came to throng the streets to revel in the festive atmosphere.

CIMG8104CIMG8231 CIMG8213  CIMG8234 CIMG8235  CIMG8247 CIMG8249  CIMG8252 CIMG8241CIMG8251

The MRT Commission is also in other words, tourists :- therefore visiting tourist attractions are the norm. In the island there is the Sentosa Island, the Merlion and the two new casinos. But being responsible emissaries of the Fong Dynasty, we just merely took ‘some’ pictures outside!

CIMG8140 CIMG8142 CIMG8147 CIMG8150  CIMG8171 CIMG8181 CIMG8183 CIMG8194

The famous attractions, Merlion and the Marina Bay Sands were not spared by the Commission members! Here’s showing the prowess of the Laksamana:-The innovation of the Bendahara:-The appetite of the Syahbandar:-And of course, the power of the Temenggung!

Aveshi Maria!!!!CIMG8319

Finally, the MRT Commission Team’s conclusion of their ‘study trip’ :

“So Tired!”

Seems like they’ve actually played more!

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  1. If u told me u were going to Singapore, I might had changed my mind to go there too...