Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All A is (not) C

Do you know that we learnt stereotyping back in Form 4 Modern Mathematics? If you recall, one of the three ‘logics’ that we pondered upon goes like this:
Statement : All A is C.
Premise : B is A.
Conclusion : B is C.
This serves as a platform for us to base our stereotyping. And while this serves as a deduction logic, we often also use the reverse of it, the induction logic that goes : B is A, B is C, All A are C. And we spread out our ‘statement’ to others so that they can deduce the other B’s as A’s, and therefore they are C’s.

Do you get the picture? As an example, I’ll say that I am a megalomaniac. I am also a blogger. Therefore, you induce that All bloggers are megalomaniacs. Later, you stumbled upon another blog by clicking my links. They are all bloggers, of course. Therefore they are all megalomaniacs. And this is what we usually call stereotyping.

Stereotyping is usually induced by the feeling of inferiority and fear of the unknown within a person, especially if the ‘stereotyped’ lives his live with waves that deviate from the norm as regarded by the community. By stereotyping, you are putting on a tinted glasses of prejudice, denying the accused a chance to show his true self, and also – denying yourself a chance to know him better. It is a double-edged sword, you ignore the light, therefore you are in the dark.

Just today, I went to the National Registration Department to renew my IC as compulsory for all 18 years olds. I came with the notion that “All government services are slowpokes’ obtained from countless comments from people around me, and also my previous brushes with the bureaucracy. However, “NRD is a govt department”, “NRD is slow” was proved quite wrong. Kudos to NRD Putrajaya! The staff are friendly, the system is running quite smoothly, and my application goes through successfully, ready by the next day!

Therefore, it shows that not all govt departments are slow. Similarly, not all bloggers are megalomaniacs, not all speckies are bookworms, not all Japs are horny. Everyone is unique and have many other qualities you can learn from. As much as I reject most English pop, I listen to Adam Lambert’s ‘Soaked’, it is my favourite as you can really feel the depressing mood of the song (refer to previous post).

If you’re been stereotyping things all the while, you’ve missed out many things in your life!

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