Sunday, October 3, 2010

Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men Movie (1992). If you think the guy on the right is familiar, it’s Gary Sinise a.k.a Detective Mac Taylor of CSI:NY
I suddenly thought about this story by John Steinbeck I read a few years back. Looking back, the memorable characters in the story, intelligent and cynical George and the large, strong but slightly clueless Lennie, both of them against the world in the 1930’s Great Depression in America – this resembles some of my company in school and in college. It was a tragic story, if you’re interested I highly recommend this story to you – and I hope those friends I have in mind doesn’t end up the same!

Last night i was exploring STPM Physics while chatting with Night Maiden. Am quite surprised that STPM compared to SPM is much more better, and through this DIY learning I had a better understanding of what I’m having in A-Levels ( I read Newton’s Laws last night – did you know that F=ma is actually F=d/dt(mv) = m(dv/dt) = ma? ) And the questions are slightly challenging, but nonetheless I managed ^^

Am feeling some withdrawal symptoms of going back to facebook… but I guess this is more the reason to steer away of it – at least until after trials!

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