Monday, October 4, 2010

The meaning of life

Currently still going good… but needs a little more enlightening…

Based on my observations and inferences, I think, the meaning of living – is to bring meaning into others’ lives. Volunteering, counselling, etc, making an initiative to enlighten other people’s lives, and making a change for the better to society and the world. Certainly beats gaming, doing tedious maths, mindless chattering.

Now where could I contribute? I”m a full time student, after all. I can, but time constraints would restrain me from carrying out my usual duties as a student. Especially the hectic, busy life of A-Levels.

An initiative I read about and liked most to date is the Play Soccer NonProfit initiative currently going on in Africa. Empowering young people to the better, guiding them and giving them life lessons through games and providing them a facility to pass time usefully. Sports is universal – it can do miracles and works across races and gender; for another example (soccer too) read up about Homeless World Cup.

That’s what volunteering is meant to be – to empower people, rather than just giving free handouts. And I would like to be part of it someday, in my journey to discover myself, and the meaning of life.

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