Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Eternal Sanctuary


Think about it – in this fast-paced world where information changes by the second nowadays, how nice it would be, to be able to return to a eternal sanctuary at the end of each day, where everything is faithfully constant and never changing. Actually, there is this sanctuary, and it’s just above your heads, really.

Welcome to stargazing.

I have been tinkering about the idea of setting up an astronomy related club recently after stumbling across my old astronomy files and books, from back then in Form 2-3 when I was a real astronomy buff. And then I realised most people doesn’t really bother about the theoretical physics, astrophysics part of it – most are happy enough to have a look of Saturn’s rings through a telescope. So I just – right, why not a stargazing club? Furthermore, even back in my ‘golden’ years I haven’t really done stargazing much yet – much less own a telescope, so I figure why not just make use of the club to obtain a telescope – although it’s club-owned :D

Anyone down for this? :D

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