Saturday, September 4, 2010

Town, Flow of Time, People

I stepped into town
Scattered memories   Hidden everywhere
Familiar places, yet
Unfamiliar faces
A weird sense of belonging
But an equally weird sense of displacement
As I search for my own place
In this once second home of mine

And then, You came
Connection established
The monochromatic town
Sprang into vivid hues of colour
Animated talking
Behaviours crazily outstanding
Remininscing scenes of yesteryear

We were back in time
To when we were young and jovial
Carefree and relaxed
Without the weight of the world
Dreams as high as we could
Jokes only you understoood
Guess that's what we call
Thicker than blood - brotherhood

And the sun is down, you left town
As we bade goodbye, you
took another piece of me  along with you
The traffic light turns from red to white
As I continue my journey of life
And I looked back and summarised my day -
A lovely day out back in mah ol' hood.

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