Saturday, September 11, 2010

The real holiday

The one-week official semester break is marred, flawed by the fact that qualifying tests come right after that. Well, I guess this is to train us to not get into any holiday-modes as Edexcel exam schedules lands right smack after the long break of December. This means no more Yu Hua-style holiday-after-exam woohoo and crazy gaming at home for first 4 days, and mindless corpse like daydreaming for the following days until school’s open again.

Nevertheless, it’s Raya Break for 4 days after our QT, and this….is the TRUE holiday for me! No worrying of tests when we go back to school, I gobbled up Tegami Bachi and Baccano! during this 3 days of anime spamming. Just last night I vaguely realised that there was some sort of holiday assignment given before the break, and there was I, after 3 days of rest, now back to work. That was Chemistry assignment Pg 141, in case any of you classmates is reading this and may have already forgotten.

Yesterday my family and I went to the KLCC BookFest. It was already a yearly affair, I patronized the fair every year since it was first organized. This time round there were much more people - or maybe due to our timing of coming during a public holiday. Many more people are patronizing the English Section this time round I noticed, a far cry from last time where the English hall was so quiet and peaceful. The Chinese section, it's supposed main attraction seems not that interesting this year. Usually I buy my Jin-Yong martial arts series and some heavily discounted books that looks interesting, especially translated Science works that costs much less than the English version, but this time round all I'm seeing are self-help book and cooking guides. There were some Chinese 'collection of short stories' books that I actually had some interest in, but seeing the humongous line at the counter I quit and went back to the english section where my sister is in the line :D 3 books made it home with me this year (same as last year) - Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything and Tash Aw's Map of the Invisible World.

Well... time to get back into study mode...

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