Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lingua Malaysia

Recently, sometimes I get an urge to read Chinese and Malay poems, listen to Cantopop and Malay rock. I don’t really know the reason why, but maybe – it’s just that absence makes the heart grows fonder, as in the change of language used in school and in college. In short, I had a English overdose and needs some Chinese and Malay to neutralise it. : )

As with most Malaysians, I am multilingual – I speak English, Chinese, Malay, Cantonese. I know a smattering of Jap self-absorbed from exposure to anime, haha. During my primary and secondary school life, I remembered myself pretty much a English advocate, trying to incorporate English into the school and fellow students out of the meagre 5 hours/week English lessons. Science and Maths in English was a very appropriate move, why they want to revert I dunno, well that’s another story. However, being in Chinese primary and secondary, I usually speak Chinese more, causing my spoken English and Malay somehow slower due to the slower pace of processing ideas in my brain in English or Malay mode. 

Upon reaching college I thought that finally I can converse normally in English, Well, this is a part of my conversations first day in school.

“nice to meet you. my name is blah”
“same to you, i am blah”
“blah blah “(After n times)
“Do you speak Chinese?”

Resulting in us talking in Chinese with each other. But considering that all the subjects I take is in English, along with the IELTS class, the usage is far higher than any time before college. This may explain my longing to use other languages, haha – not surprising since we’re 1Malaysia. 
Let’s all unite and embrace diversity, because this is what we’re meant to be.

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