Thursday, September 2, 2010

Free Bird

Black Dragon Climbing low res
For the longest time I have this dream of flying a plane, rising up to the skies in a lightweight aircraft, savouring the sun while having the cool winds run through my hair… Yeah, one of my goals to accomplish is to be a private pilot!

I told my mum this dream of mine and she jumped at the opportunity to advise me to enrol in pilot school to cut costs (apparently pilot school is cheaper and have some 15 years bond to airlines after graduation, so no worries of unemployment) But my Physics dream still comes first, and I intend to be  a PRIVATE pilot only! Don’t really fancy going up humongous aircrafts and needing to deal with passengers, bosses and air stewardesses ;) Another friend of mine mentioned that the RMAF (Malaysian Air Force) is recruiting new candidates – but I think I’ll be dying in the physical training on land itself.

Nowadays there are many options, such as the Subang Flyers Club with a one time only fee of RM3800… wait until I’m working first-lah. Of course, if you want some virtual low cost flying experience there’s always GTA San Andreas with a fighter jet for the highest flying experience, dogfights included!

On an unrelated case, I seem to be flying around my house when I’m supposed to be studying == Even when I’m sitting my head cannot focus and drifts towards inviting electromagnetic waves of the computer or the PS2… Luckily there’s a cure – studying at night, with 3 doses of Teh Tarik (as usual) to do the trick.

Quoting “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd – ‘Cause I’m free as a bird now, and this bird you cannot change!”


  1. I also have a dream same as you to become a pilot... XD I wanna fly too...

  2. I always hope i could be a fighter pilot...XD...blend wif the skies....