Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dance dance dance

Despite the Dancing Mad title of this blog – I don’t dance, mind you. The college ‘Midsummer Masquerade’ night was the first time I find myself in a setting with music blowing off your head and people bouncing off one another, and the second time. surprisingly – is in a wedding dinner organized by Uncle Lim Dow Hee at Awana Kijal, Terengganu.

Wedding dinner with a dance floor! Uncles and aunties happily shaking to the tunes of cha cha, rumba, lambada and disco tunes from their heydays, some getting carried off by wine and booze or maybe just the atmosphere. Still some of the guests left, some watched from aside surprised by the camaraderie of a small town community. For me, I was somewhere in between, haha.
CIMG7530 CIMG7534 CIMG7535 CIMG7538 CIMG7540 CIMG7551 CIMG7552 CIMG7554 CIMG7555 CIMG7557

Not so high-q recording of the dance : ) and please tolerate the sounds cos the music was on in full blast

Not far up is my hometown, Kerteh so I felt this as a balik kampung trip of sorts. Armed with a new phone, the Nokia 5800 (thanks pa and ma ^_^) I kept myself occupied like never before, but slowly got some discomfort – guess it’s really a long time since my last long-distance trip already. Really refreshing to take a break from the steel and concrete of the city, recharging myself with the sun, sand and sea. It’s also a nice break from Internet and facebook – at this point I’m writing this offline, by the sea with a cuppa of tea.
Looking around places I once frequented 6 years ago, finding some changes and developments here and there – while some familiar scenery brings me back to my childhood in serene Kerteh. The South China Sea which once was the first thing I see every morning, the town square in Kemaman with the food, Kemaman Kopitiam in Kuantan which is a ’franchise’ of sorts of the original Hai Peng Kopitiam in Kemaman. Ma told me about the story behind it, a riveting story on par with the Cantonese dramas, but yeah, it’s a long story. The breeze, the coconut trees, the cows, the kampung-style houses…
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One day, I would have a holiday house here, and with the private pilot’s license I’ll fly to Kerteh Airport every weekend and indulge myself in this Shangri-La of mine where nowhere else can ever replace!


  1. enjoy your short holiday.I am so admire you are so slacken as a bird release from its cage.I don't know why i can felt that you have a good family education,i think you will be achieve your dream soon.Hope I have a chance to recognise you.

  2. so it was ur parents who gave u this nokia 5800... the chess there looks very familiar to me... haha, because I went there before too...XD... ur college got masquerade dance? wow... so interesting...

  3. sadly not much time to play :(
    thanks for the comments!

  4. if it wasn't u who 'forced' me to comment i wouldn't comment... so no need to thank me... haha... jkjk...