Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Combo Attack

Summarising our qualifying test. Well, it’s just mainly for Chemistry and Maths, when we received full impact force of A-Levels after 6 months of sleeping after graduation. Not to mention basking in the comfort of SPM last time. when the difficulties are scaled down just to make the overall marks look nicer and more presentable. But Maths this time is epic, I dunno what to say, even our class mathematician-in-making is also suffering from post-exam depression.

And another different kind of combo – 4 rounds of bowling at Times Square, marks for each round 118, 107, 123, 117! If I keep these stats rising I may just as well found a sport that I’m actually good at. Hmm… And last but not least, happy birthday Denise! Hoping that the big pink bear will make you sweet 16 a truly memorable one!

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