Friday, September 24, 2010


And so it is. I’m 18 years old.

18. The age where hopefully CIMB finally allows me to open an adult savings account. No more dealing with banking matters where parents must consent. I wanted to play stocks too, but seems like I need some minimum of RM5k to start. 18, legal drinking age….doesn’t matter much to me. xxx… even further from my thoughts. Ha.

What I wish from my now officialised 18 years of life is, well, not to be a 17-year old. Should start learning some survival skills e.g. cooking, general fixing around the house… I think no chance until at least I finish my A-Levels first. The ability to think, speak and act more wisely, mature, logical and rational. It’s fine to let down our hair once in a while, but lately I seem to let go too much until my image at college is somehow a little distorted :D And, a little romance won’t hurt, haha…

As time flows by, and everyone’s getting a year older, and a year, and another… It’s human nature to be plagued by the past, take the present from granted and view the future with baseless, maximum optimism. However, it’s nice to pause sometimes, look around you and reflect on how important a role someone plays in your life so far. And express your gratitude, of course.

And this is the story of Chrono13 Dancing Mad : Chapter 18, page 1.

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