Sunday, August 22, 2010


When all that is solid melts into air
When everyday is fluctuating with extreme hope, and despair
When all that really matters I do not care
And try with all my might to make sure you’re glad
When walking around I scan around, a quick stare
Hoping to catch a glimpse even if it’s your silhouette
When your voice sounds more prominent than a rumbling jet
When you’re with someone else a dagger pierces through my chest
When I don’t see you I feel like the walking dead
Then you came along, and my world is painted-
with much more vibrant colours than you’ve ever met,
When going home is the thing I dread
When I troll the Net just for a late night chat
I’m already trapped in your inescapable net
When all that solid melts into air


  1. Nice posts =D Love it to the max =) *thumbs up* are talking about... Hancock? LOL *joking*

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