Sunday, August 1, 2010

Welcome To The Black Parade

Welcome to the black Midsummer Halloween Masquerade, the black parade~
It was held on last Friday night, and our Further Maths class decided to go black together for the event ^_^ and have makeup of mathematical formulae and symbols drawn on our faces. The result was intriguing and puzzled passer-bys about the appearence of a new Black Maths Gang in Brickfields (and their gang leader, guess who)

And as a result of using too much time we barely made it at 7pm before the event starts. Looking around, it felt like college was transformed into a spooky and colourful place overnight. Other people really took the time to dress up, morphing into all kinds of characters and styles ^_^
The bee trying hard to find her honey tonight :D

Voted best dressed tonight – Shen Wen!

Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Methodist Collegians

(to be cont’d)

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