Thursday, August 12, 2010



Of course I don’t puasa (implies the act of fasting during the fasting month for Muslims). I wonder what will it feels like actually, being spiritually uplifting and stuff but my stomach will surely create a havoc!
The annual fasting month has started again, and with it comes along the usual phenomena around Malaysia, around my neighbourhood. I for one has found it very hard to drink water or eat in front of the Muslims in public, fearing that I might offend them. But then again I bet most of them are already used to the temptation and are strong enough to resist it : ) But somehow I still feel guilty and I try to avoid eating and drinking in front of them if possible. 
And the most prominent and enjoyable feature is the Ramadhan bazaar only available in the fasting month, where delicious local fares are sold for the breaking fast at night. Of course non-fasting people also can go, just that if you want to eat the food you bought, jist wait until you reach home first. I crave for the beef and chicken rendang and ayam masak merah now….
Last but not least in fasting months for secondary schools the school hours are shortened to allow for the Muslims to reach home in time to buka puasa (Break fast). We on the same wagon gets to go home early as well and I must say we enjoy this bonus of the fasting month the most!
And to all my Muslim friends and everyone, Selamat Berpuasa!  

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