Monday, August 23, 2010


The OSK Investing Challenge has got me all excited and about =) When I’m free (not mentioning not much free time actually for this weekend) I prowl the Web and Facebook for some basic info, such as candlestick graphs, trading strategies and general terminologies etc. Nice guys around the Net hinted that reading the news is a bonus, lucky for me as an avid news reader. But it’s not that I’m aiming for weekly tops or whatever, it’s just to try the water before I dive in with my 99SpeedMart funds :D
Today being the first day of trading, but what’s stupid is that I can’t get any decent connection around school. What a shame, with so many wifi units displayed around, now I figured out why MCKL students don’t usually carry laptops around. The only decently fast connection is in the library computers but the kind library lady mistook it as some kind of Facebook Game again == But fellow investors at my school, let’s not get discouraged : ) yet.
But first day of trading and I’ve already lost money… Where’s that so-called beginner’s luck?

OSK Investment Challenge Website :


  1. OMIGOSH! You play the OSK investment thingy?? How was it? I'm not allow to play it =-/

  2. quite fun considering no risks involved when making (stupid) decisions :D

  3. Hahahaha! Will try to play it next week (since hols is starting =D) What's the website? =D