Sunday, August 29, 2010


I am a spirit trapped in my skull
I am a consciousness limited in my world
I am a thinker bounded by logic
I am an organism defined by science

I am a man trapped in a life
I am a student just like everyone else
I am a citizen controlled by law
I am a human defined by social norms

Where where where where where where's
That freedom Our forefathers were fighting for?
Where where where where where where's
That freedom that's supposed to liberate us all?
Where where where where where where's
That promised key to unlock all our binding chains
Mr. Han Fei Tzu must be laughing in hell right now!

I want more power to be assigned to me
I want the ability to chart my own course
I want no admin to decide what I do
I want no regulators to decide my value

I want democracy right here and right now
I want individual empowerment instilled in us all
I want equal standings for all people on Earth
Nobody should be left out to walk alone...

...And you are not alone, I am here with you
Though we're not the same, our fart still stinks
And we are not alone, we are Me and You,
They try to split us apart, let's let them taste some fart...

Where where where where where where's
That freedom that's supposed to let us strive
Where where where where where where's
That freedom to allow us to achieve our very high
Where where where where where where's
That freedom That sacred word that lives are lost fighting for
Don't tell me freedom is just an illusion after all

Liberation, Independence,
Freedom to define our world
Democracy, Makkal Sakthi,
Power to change our future
Note :
1. Han Fei Tzu (280-233 BC) Chinese philosopher, founder and advocate of Legalism, the philosophy that humans are evil and need to be controlled using laws in order to prevent chaos.
2. Makkal Sakthi (மக்கள் சக்தி) – Hindu for “People’s Power”

Fall-ing Down

Say yes to Arakawa Under The Bridge Season 2, Tegami Bachi Reverse! Am also expecting good things out of Psychic Detective Yakumo, Bakuman etc.
But really anime these days lack good storylines…

Saturday, August 28, 2010



Monday, August 23, 2010


The OSK Investing Challenge has got me all excited and about =) When I’m free (not mentioning not much free time actually for this weekend) I prowl the Web and Facebook for some basic info, such as candlestick graphs, trading strategies and general terminologies etc. Nice guys around the Net hinted that reading the news is a bonus, lucky for me as an avid news reader. But it’s not that I’m aiming for weekly tops or whatever, it’s just to try the water before I dive in with my 99SpeedMart funds :D
Today being the first day of trading, but what’s stupid is that I can’t get any decent connection around school. What a shame, with so many wifi units displayed around, now I figured out why MCKL students don’t usually carry laptops around. The only decently fast connection is in the library computers but the kind library lady mistook it as some kind of Facebook Game again == But fellow investors at my school, let’s not get discouraged : ) yet.
But first day of trading and I’ve already lost money… Where’s that so-called beginner’s luck?

OSK Investment Challenge Website :

Sunday, August 22, 2010


When all that is solid melts into air
When everyday is fluctuating with extreme hope, and despair
When all that really matters I do not care
And try with all my might to make sure you’re glad
When walking around I scan around, a quick stare
Hoping to catch a glimpse even if it’s your silhouette
When your voice sounds more prominent than a rumbling jet
When you’re with someone else a dagger pierces through my chest
When I don’t see you I feel like the walking dead
Then you came along, and my world is painted-
with much more vibrant colours than you’ve ever met,
When going home is the thing I dread
When I troll the Net just for a late night chat
I’m already trapped in your inescapable net
When all that solid melts into air

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Welcome home

My neighbours’ two dogs are always sobbing recently, especially at midnight. Upon thinking I realised that yeah, the family’s grandma has passed away when I was on break from National Service on May with my Sandakan friend. And what’s more is that it’s the Hungry Ghost month in the Chinese calendar when it is said that the Gates of Hell opens for the spirits and stuff to take a holiday back on Earth~~~
So is it that she has came back to visit? And how about their family’s feeling where they miss her but didn’t dare to come out and see her? I wonder…@_@

Thursday, August 12, 2010



Of course I don’t puasa (implies the act of fasting during the fasting month for Muslims). I wonder what will it feels like actually, being spiritually uplifting and stuff but my stomach will surely create a havoc!
The annual fasting month has started again, and with it comes along the usual phenomena around Malaysia, around my neighbourhood. I for one has found it very hard to drink water or eat in front of the Muslims in public, fearing that I might offend them. But then again I bet most of them are already used to the temptation and are strong enough to resist it : ) But somehow I still feel guilty and I try to avoid eating and drinking in front of them if possible. 
And the most prominent and enjoyable feature is the Ramadhan bazaar only available in the fasting month, where delicious local fares are sold for the breaking fast at night. Of course non-fasting people also can go, just that if you want to eat the food you bought, jist wait until you reach home first. I crave for the beef and chicken rendang and ayam masak merah now….
Last but not least in fasting months for secondary schools the school hours are shortened to allow for the Muslims to reach home in time to buka puasa (Break fast). We on the same wagon gets to go home early as well and I must say we enjoy this bonus of the fasting month the most!
And to all my Muslim friends and everyone, Selamat Berpuasa!  

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Midsummer Halloween Masquerade

Welcome To The Black Parade

Welcome to the black Midsummer Halloween Masquerade, the black parade~
It was held on last Friday night, and our Further Maths class decided to go black together for the event ^_^ and have makeup of mathematical formulae and symbols drawn on our faces. The result was intriguing and puzzled passer-bys about the appearence of a new Black Maths Gang in Brickfields (and their gang leader, guess who)

And as a result of using too much time we barely made it at 7pm before the event starts. Looking around, it felt like college was transformed into a spooky and colourful place overnight. Other people really took the time to dress up, morphing into all kinds of characters and styles ^_^
The bee trying hard to find her honey tonight :D

Voted best dressed tonight – Shen Wen!

Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Methodist Collegians

(to be cont’d)