Monday, July 26, 2010


She is always, and will always be with me. We both know, that I need her to live, and she cannot actually function without me behind her back. However, she is also one of my greatest problems and obstacle in my life.
The problem is, she’s such a crybaby.
She likes to cry. She cries when she can’t stand something minor, maybe even trivial in your eyes, but if something feels not right for her the tears will flow. She cries when our room is a little bit dustier then usual. She cries when the weather is a tad too hot, or a tad too cold. And when she starts crying, there’s no way of knowing when it would stop, and no way of stopping it even if I cleaned the room back to squeaky clean. She would cry and cry incessantly until the next morning when we wake up and she feels a little bit better, and hopefully things are all right for the day so she wouldn’t start crying again.
Yes, she’s really sensitive.
And her crying problem occupies a lot of my time, making me unable to do other things when taking care of her, and of course when she is unwell I am too. Many a time I feel like giving up on her, wanting to cut her off, rid her out of my face. But as I said, I can’t live without her. Not that I really hate her though. Every night I wash and scrub her with foam to clear the dust and grime of the day, and we even went to see the doctor to check on her problem. All kinds of pills, all kinds of treatments and yet no improvement is to be seen….yet.
Yet, we are inseparable, she cannot be substituted for anything else in the world. I just hope her problem can be cured somehow as we travel together in this life.
Her name? Well, simple as it is, she is just my one and only….
…nose .

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