Sunday, July 18, 2010

now u see me, now you..

In a short trip to Kajang last week, I went to visit my once-frequented ACG (anime-comic-game) joint at the city centre. IT was what a shock when I found out that the comic rental shop has moved away to I-dunno-where, rumours say that it will reopen at the new shoplots opposite Yu Hua though. And the Game Shop downstairs, the boss there citing hardworking anti-piracy officials, decided to put their sale of pirated anime off for good, and even the PS2 disc has to  be sold under extreme secrecy. The shop now looks so kosong (empty)!
Surprised me how things can change in only a half year, and what was once my favourite haunt is reduced to only fond memories. Not to mention now I have to resort to those ‘fake original’ boxed DVDs with rubbishly subtitles and faux pas stickers (some even like to put suggestive picture covers on decent and epic shows, giving an x-rated impression =.=). Puzzles me how they can pass through authorities and get the ‘ori’ stickers. Or second option is to use my trusty old desktop to download via torrent, hoping that the ISP will not feel itchy someday and block all torrents.
Anyway I should be studying, giving my best effort for A-Levels for these 1 1/2 years (and there are not much good shows nowadays), so that’s all for now!

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