Friday, July 16, 2010


Just yesterday we (what should I call, our Further Maths gang) all turned up early for college, I think it was like 2 hours before class. I intended to get a quick nap but fellow classmate Heng Choc brought a volleyball and after a while everyone was already on the field playing. Initially I was hesitant as I don’t play volleyball, but sometime into the game I kinda got the hang of it and continued playing heartily, although I’m wearing cargo pants so heavy and got ourselves all sweaty just before class! Unfortunately I didn’t brought any spare clothes, and I just changed into my jacket (even hotter!) and went to class to sit for what was our very first Maths quiz. (==|||)
Not to mention another classmate Ivan who is good in badminton. We played in the hall twice this week, and he gave me, a ‘leisure’ badminton player some rough but great time indeed. Pity that he lost in the quarter finals in the inter-class game, but at least better than me who didn’t join anything at all. By the way, good luck to Heng Choc, Kenny and gang participating in volleyball this evening and I hope to hear favourable results!
Looking back, college now is a stark difference compared to the school days, when P.E. Class meant Ponteng kElas (playing truant), sports in my co-curriculum is nil (but I do have high marks in other aspects, i.e. Computer Club Secretary) and most of my peers are hikkikomoris (Stay-at-homers). Personally I enjoyed this week as it is effectively keeping me fresh from the sleepiness caused by late nights rushing against time to complete assignments, and clearing out cholesterols stuffing my pipes from delivering oxygen to my brain and organs etc. By the way, believe it or not I was quite active during my childhood days in serene Kerteh, Terengganu, before I moved here to the glorious city and mundane suburban life where school is 16KM away, the football field is as big as a basketball court only (we were later banned from playing football there) and peers alike prefer to tend to their PS2, FaceBook and Online RPGs over a refreshing workout in the evening.
So, to my Further Maths gang, can we play again next Thursday too? Because I liked it very much! ^_^


  1. Haha,... I enjoy tht thursday too, playing volleyball with all of you guys n girls..... =)

  2. omg we won! hehehehe! :D
    yea i enjoyed playing on thursday too! by the way, we're having another vball match on nxt thursday ;) and we're playing in the morning! so come early la!

  3. Wooooow... then must remember bring clothes n jacket dy~ hahaha i dun wan soaking wet go to air-cond room.. =)

  4. ok its decided! every thursday's volley day!

  5. WAH then every thursday will be super awesome lo... =)

  6. oh yes oh yessss!!!
    i <3 volleyball ehhh! :D
    i'll be looking forward for each thursday then ;)