Sunday, July 11, 2010

Alma Mater

Chrono Fong, Class of 2009, 5E.
Today Yu Hua had the annual parents – teachers day, and it’s sort of like an open house to everyone too ( but you need to pay for food). It was also my sister’s school so I tagged along to visit my old school. Well, we went late so the Form 6 classmates I expected to see have all gone home (==|||), quite disappointed but I still met some of my teachers.
Went around and saw my former club, the computer club displaying ‘GIF animation-making using GIMP’ at the school hall. Exactly the same with the exhibition we held last year, but duh, I forgot how to use it already! I still remember learning that on purpose just to have something to display on the parents-teachers day last year : ) This year they seem to be a lot more active, good for them and I wish them good luck!
It feels funny when I visited s chool, but this time and for the first time as an outsider. The school is still running as usual, with only the faces changed and familiar faces gone. It’s just like having a connection with the school but none with the people… Well I guess this is signs of moving on with life, going with the big flow of things where you actually are not as significant as you think. God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world.
Damn, I’m beginning to think of my former class…. Gathering anyone?

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