Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The 4th day

The last 4 days in MCKL in one word – hectic.
Our further maths/maths teacher is supposed to teach and prepare us for the first semester exam in 6 months. So in these 3 months I think we would need to cover all of Mathematics’ modules namely Core Maths 1,2,3,4; Stats 1 and Mechanics 1 which is usually covered in other classes over 11/2 years. If anyone of you are thinking of taking Further Maths in A-levels, this is what you’ll face right in the beginning.
As for others, actually the first few chapters is like a revision to jump start our SPM leaver’s comatose brains. Physics and Chemistry are going still quite well, with significantly less work to do compared to Maths.
Haven’t really got a hold on things here yet,  the clubs and other activities in college haven’t really started yet. Intends to join either the Music or Eco Club, and another club in sports preferably badminton. There’s gonna be a Games Carnival for next week, and well… just see how it goes.
It will take some time to readjust after half a year of holidays, but I sure hope that the ‘readjustment’ comes faster : ). After all, it’s time to enjoy, study smart and play hard…that college life!

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