Monday, July 26, 2010


She is always, and will always be with me. We both know, that I need her to live, and she cannot actually function without me behind her back. However, she is also one of my greatest problems and obstacle in my life.
The problem is, she’s such a crybaby.
She likes to cry. She cries when she can’t stand something minor, maybe even trivial in your eyes, but if something feels not right for her the tears will flow. She cries when our room is a little bit dustier then usual. She cries when the weather is a tad too hot, or a tad too cold. And when she starts crying, there’s no way of knowing when it would stop, and no way of stopping it even if I cleaned the room back to squeaky clean. She would cry and cry incessantly until the next morning when we wake up and she feels a little bit better, and hopefully things are all right for the day so she wouldn’t start crying again.
Yes, she’s really sensitive.
And her crying problem occupies a lot of my time, making me unable to do other things when taking care of her, and of course when she is unwell I am too. Many a time I feel like giving up on her, wanting to cut her off, rid her out of my face. But as I said, I can’t live without her. Not that I really hate her though. Every night I wash and scrub her with foam to clear the dust and grime of the day, and we even went to see the doctor to check on her problem. All kinds of pills, all kinds of treatments and yet no improvement is to be seen….yet.
Yet, we are inseparable, she cannot be substituted for anything else in the world. I just hope her problem can be cured somehow as we travel together in this life.
Her name? Well, simple as it is, she is just my one and only….
…nose .

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Too Much Maths

You know you’ve been doing too much maths… when you start finding a number below when you see the word ‘log’ (and numbers above and below an ‘s’ letter).
You know you’ve been doing too much maths… when you start comparing things around you with inequalities (e.g. Table > Chair)
You know you’ve been doing too much maths… when you start seeing curves and x-axes in your cup of root beer. (How many roots in this beer equation?)
You know you’ve been doing too much maths… when you see a lady with great curves but you can only think is,’is it quadratic or cubic?’ (and where’s the turning point?)
You know you’ve been doing too much maths… when you calculate how long not to press the brakes before you reach the red light (and ended up knocking the traffic light)
You know you’ve been doing too much maths… when you read a word with a ‘!’ letter by letter (o x u x c x h!)
You know you’ve been doing too much maths… when you start blogging about them, like me! XD

In fact, he had two wives.

This must be Ms.Lim’s birthday (^_^|||)

The World (and me and you and everyone else)

Different worlds, different views, different people, different stories… IT’S THE WORLD.
#1 Methodist College Kuala Lumpur 0700-1300
The world of academics, of people studying for a bright future. I take GCE A-levels in Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Further Maths. Working our brains out solving questions., basking in comfort knowing that we’ll have our lunches and dinner as usual, having a home to return as usual. Air con is so damn cold… until Ms.Lim switched the air con off. Why anyone haven’t thought of that before?
#2 Pavilion 1300-1700
The world of bling-bling and the high life. Everyone, dressed up for a day out. Commercialism and consumerism, prevalent everywhere and everyone under its giant shadows. An outing with classmates ^_^ helps release stress from the crazy A-Levels schedule. And certain people *ahem* even went to forbidden places to take pictures! Window shopping with friends is really nice, we can do crazy things like nothing! However I left early to avoid (or actually joined – miscalculation ) the rush hour.
A quote from Durarara!, ‘ Only when you are alone will you realise how big the city really is’
#3 Going home (Monorail > KLIA Express rail link > KTM > RapidKL 1700-1900
The rush home is the perfect picture of all the good, the bad and the ugly. Everyone (including me), rushing to home sweet home, pushing and pulling and struggling amidst the sea of people… I took the ERL, bypassing the mad KTM crowd in KL central, exchanging RM4 for 15 minutes of comfort. And it’s the first time I took the U411a bus home, the bus went deep into the housing areas before reaching my stop, giving me quite a scare ( I saw a sign that reads Ipoh, Johor Bahru and Seremban ==|||)
Picture 046
#4 Home (my world)
And as the sun sets, there goes a conclusion for another day in The World, the perfect role-playing game where everyone can create their own stories, their own legacies, their own fate, their own destiny.
It’s a nice world, isn’t it?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

now u see me, now you..

In a short trip to Kajang last week, I went to visit my once-frequented ACG (anime-comic-game) joint at the city centre. IT was what a shock when I found out that the comic rental shop has moved away to I-dunno-where, rumours say that it will reopen at the new shoplots opposite Yu Hua though. And the Game Shop downstairs, the boss there citing hardworking anti-piracy officials, decided to put their sale of pirated anime off for good, and even the PS2 disc has to  be sold under extreme secrecy. The shop now looks so kosong (empty)!
Surprised me how things can change in only a half year, and what was once my favourite haunt is reduced to only fond memories. Not to mention now I have to resort to those ‘fake original’ boxed DVDs with rubbishly subtitles and faux pas stickers (some even like to put suggestive picture covers on decent and epic shows, giving an x-rated impression =.=). Puzzles me how they can pass through authorities and get the ‘ori’ stickers. Or second option is to use my trusty old desktop to download via torrent, hoping that the ISP will not feel itchy someday and block all torrents.
Anyway I should be studying, giving my best effort for A-Levels for these 1 1/2 years (and there are not much good shows nowadays), so that’s all for now!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Just yesterday we (what should I call, our Further Maths gang) all turned up early for college, I think it was like 2 hours before class. I intended to get a quick nap but fellow classmate Heng Choc brought a volleyball and after a while everyone was already on the field playing. Initially I was hesitant as I don’t play volleyball, but sometime into the game I kinda got the hang of it and continued playing heartily, although I’m wearing cargo pants so heavy and got ourselves all sweaty just before class! Unfortunately I didn’t brought any spare clothes, and I just changed into my jacket (even hotter!) and went to class to sit for what was our very first Maths quiz. (==|||)
Not to mention another classmate Ivan who is good in badminton. We played in the hall twice this week, and he gave me, a ‘leisure’ badminton player some rough but great time indeed. Pity that he lost in the quarter finals in the inter-class game, but at least better than me who didn’t join anything at all. By the way, good luck to Heng Choc, Kenny and gang participating in volleyball this evening and I hope to hear favourable results!
Looking back, college now is a stark difference compared to the school days, when P.E. Class meant Ponteng kElas (playing truant), sports in my co-curriculum is nil (but I do have high marks in other aspects, i.e. Computer Club Secretary) and most of my peers are hikkikomoris (Stay-at-homers). Personally I enjoyed this week as it is effectively keeping me fresh from the sleepiness caused by late nights rushing against time to complete assignments, and clearing out cholesterols stuffing my pipes from delivering oxygen to my brain and organs etc. By the way, believe it or not I was quite active during my childhood days in serene Kerteh, Terengganu, before I moved here to the glorious city and mundane suburban life where school is 16KM away, the football field is as big as a basketball court only (we were later banned from playing football there) and peers alike prefer to tend to their PS2, FaceBook and Online RPGs over a refreshing workout in the evening.
So, to my Further Maths gang, can we play again next Thursday too? Because I liked it very much! ^_^

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Night Cat

“Well, I love a rainy night
I love a rainy night
I love to hear the thunder
Watch the lightning
When it lights up the sky…”

Eddie Rabbit, I love a Rainy Night

Well I do love nights in general, not just rainy nights; but if it rains it will be a lot more cooler than the constant hot summer nights here in Malaysia. The Night, when darkness envelopes the sky, all has gone quiet and at last, peace when I can focus on my stuff; listening to my own scribbling without interference of cars honking, TVs and kids screaming around. Just last night I was watching the third-place match Germany vs. Uruguay, what a fine match it is…but that’s another story.
The night, especially after a few dose of my drug (Teh Tarik), the brain will go into overdrive mode and believe it or not, I can solve many homework problems I’m stuck with during the day. Or else, some nights I just let my imagination run wild while i scribble down what I wouldn’t believe I thought of the next morning I wake up. It’s like I’m in a different time zone, mornings are nights to me, afternoons are mornings to me, and the nights are the evenings to me.
So, can you imagine my excitement – when our teacher told us that due to time zone differences, some of our Edexcel GCE A-Levels papers are going to be held at night? I still remember my exam mornings back in school where the answers would somehow be laced with some careless mistakes which costs me my A, and maybe the a in Malay Language in my SPM. Yes, this is perfect, really perfect…
And I’m proud to proclaim – I am a night cat! I love the peace, serenity and darkness of the night! I love the Night!

Alma Mater

Chrono Fong, Class of 2009, 5E.
Today Yu Hua had the annual parents – teachers day, and it’s sort of like an open house to everyone too ( but you need to pay for food). It was also my sister’s school so I tagged along to visit my old school. Well, we went late so the Form 6 classmates I expected to see have all gone home (==|||), quite disappointed but I still met some of my teachers.
Went around and saw my former club, the computer club displaying ‘GIF animation-making using GIMP’ at the school hall. Exactly the same with the exhibition we held last year, but duh, I forgot how to use it already! I still remember learning that on purpose just to have something to display on the parents-teachers day last year : ) This year they seem to be a lot more active, good for them and I wish them good luck!
It feels funny when I visited s chool, but this time and for the first time as an outsider. The school is still running as usual, with only the faces changed and familiar faces gone. It’s just like having a connection with the school but none with the people… Well I guess this is signs of moving on with life, going with the big flow of things where you actually are not as significant as you think. God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world.
Damn, I’m beginning to think of my former class…. Gathering anyone?

Friday, July 9, 2010

The 7th day

“And on the seventh day, He rested. “
Not for long, considering there are one chapter and one review exercise to do in Maths. Just like what my friend say, these days we’re ‘eat maths, drink maths, sleep maths, shit maths’ … Slowly getting into the college life, although from what I feel nothing much has changed from school life too. Exams, homeworks, clubs, classes…
But today being a Friday, I think I’ll take a break this evening! : )

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The 4th day

The last 4 days in MCKL in one word – hectic.
Our further maths/maths teacher is supposed to teach and prepare us for the first semester exam in 6 months. So in these 3 months I think we would need to cover all of Mathematics’ modules namely Core Maths 1,2,3,4; Stats 1 and Mechanics 1 which is usually covered in other classes over 11/2 years. If anyone of you are thinking of taking Further Maths in A-levels, this is what you’ll face right in the beginning.
As for others, actually the first few chapters is like a revision to jump start our SPM leaver’s comatose brains. Physics and Chemistry are going still quite well, with significantly less work to do compared to Maths.
Haven’t really got a hold on things here yet,  the clubs and other activities in college haven’t really started yet. Intends to join either the Music or Eco Club, and another club in sports preferably badminton. There’s gonna be a Games Carnival for next week, and well… just see how it goes.
It will take some time to readjust after half a year of holidays, but I sure hope that the ‘readjustment’ comes faster : ). After all, it’s time to enjoy, study smart and play hard…that college life!