Friday, June 18, 2010


No, this is not a lecture of Einstein’s famous equation. It’s mc2 = mong cha cha (clueless), a perfect description of the mess I created over the scholarship interview I created over the past few days.
The day before yesterday I received a call notifying me of the 2nd stage interview for the scholarship. Naturally I was so glad I just answer yes, yes and yes to any questions she asked, and in the end she gave me this phone number to call to confirm the appointment – xxxx4595. After I asked my mom’s permission i called the number and was greeted with the voicemail, I left a message confirming and put the matter at the back of my head. 

The next day I suddenly thought that the lady who called me mentioned that she was to send the map and everything to my email, but until last night I haven’t received anything yet. Told my mom and she lectured about being proactive, it’s you who wants the scholarship etc, but I really forgot yesterday because I went out-mah! Naturally I didn’t called since it’s after office hours already.

Finally, this morning I called the xxxx4595 number again and was greeted by a gentleman (?) who when I asked, said he’s also from Shell but doesn’t know the caller. He kindly gave me a number which I think is the operator, but I found another number in my inbox belonging to the scholarship coordinator and I called her. She replied, “Wait, I’ll give you the number to the person in charge – xxxx4525.” 4525. Somehow I managed to mishear the ‘2’ to a ‘9’ (=.=|||) Anyway I called the 4525 and confirmed the appointment, maybe she thought ‘wow you need two days to think about it!’ But now it’s finally settled and looking forward to the interview on the 24th!

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