Friday, June 25, 2010

初めての Interview

This morning, I attended my first interview ever!

It was a cloudy morning, bleary-eyed 7.50 a.m. and the traffic jam caught me worried about being on time at Shell’s house for the first actual, official interview in my life. Luckily everything was fine, although I was the last to reach there…

It all started three months ago when I applied for the scholarship online, but was rather confused by the system used in Shell’s website. Instead of waiting, I wrote an email asking to clarify and guidance on how to fill in the forms and so on. The truth is many of my peers was dismayed by the complexity of the website and gave up without effort. I persevered, and got through. The notice for the 1st unofficial but nevertheless phone interview came when I was in NS camp, luckily the appointment date falls exactly on the term break, 28/4, although it was like the day after I came back and actually was pretty tired. I’ve written about it earlier here. After their ’ten working days’ which is on last Wednesday, I received a call from Shell that I have been selected for the second round of interviews, 24th June 2010 at 8a.m.~

The interview blew my mind.

First round is a Case Study Preparation and Presentation – we are asked to analyse and give solutions to a fictional project that is ran by Shell. Unlike normal interviews, as you can see. It made our brains go into overdrive mode, and the assessors whom we presented our solution too is nice and not intimidating – just hoping to get into their good books : ) . Second round is a group discussion and presentation session with press conference included which is quite interesting too. Exchange of ideas, open-mindedness and tolerance are vital to project cooperation and integration within the group. In conclusion, this interview really changed my perception of interviews from the usual old-school style to this dynamic-styled interviews that are used in today’s world. I read about it a lot in books and the Internet, heard about it from friends and peers, and this I think is a really good first-hand experience, giving a taste of what corporate life is like.

But in overall, I think my performance today have much more room for improvement – as the Chinese saying goes “ 经一事,长一智" (Gain knowledge through experiencing things). And it's nice to meet new people, some like me, some studying or finished Pre-U, and there was even one (Christopher) who is studying Chemical Engineering now! My group of Christopher, Matthew, Jia Yi, Chia Ning, Sarah, Pei Qi and Crystal
(I hope I didn't remembered your names wrong ^_^), it's a pleasure to meet you all!

But of course, I still hope there’s a place for me in the scholarships!

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  1. Best of luck ... hope you get it!