Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Furniture Revolution

I guess it’s one of Ma’s big projects scheduled for this year, some changing of furniture that is getting old and creaky in da house. It actually started a few weeks ago, when I came back from camp and met two towering wardrobes at the porch – the old one. I had no feelings for them though, their sharp edges (Really Sharp) have gave me many cuts especially on sleepy early mornings while preparing for school. Nostalgic~
And for the old computer table, the keyboard holder (something that holds the keyboard and slides out when you want to use it) came crashing down one day. Luckily not the whole table. Whereas the old shoe cabinets (really old, brought here from our previous house) is already moisturised by endless years of torrents and heavy rains and looks ready to crumble too. And bookcases, well they cannot cope already with the rising needs of space for books for the three kids, especially the primary six guy and a going-to-be high-schooler.
And so, I present you : -
1. Computer space > Home office
 CIMG7460 CIMG7462
Ma got the idea of buying actual office furniture, saying that they last longer than standard home furniture in warehouses across the road. Result? A scene that is interesting for us, but tiring for Pa tired from a day’s work, only to find a office lookalike just ouside the bedroom!
Well, not quite… but it certainly looks much neater than before!
2. Fusion design
CIMG7461 CIMG7463CIMG7464
Just see how all the types of different styles blend in…or not. But we don’t care, it’s function and cost over appearance ^_^ . Sis said that the twin grey bookshelves looks mean, just likes fierce teachers forcing them to study : )
In pic : Tauke Win rushing his Std. 6 homework
3. Hanging shelves of Balakong
   CIMG7465 CIMG7466
Maximizing space, as they say (in this case it’s airspace) But somehow floating shelves appearing suddenly at home…zzz…
But luckily there’s something that doesn’t change! : )
And yeah, I changed my appearance. The college requires formal wear during orientation and I experimented with some colour matching and this is what I got. Any comments? : )

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