Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cell phones

Recently I’m thinking whether to get a new phone for myself. My current one is a dinosaur model, void of any functions you will now associate with most cell phones – camera, MP3, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. After much surfing and diving on the Net, I pretty much laid my eyes on this model W705 by Sony Ericsson. The specs are nice, although I need to stretch my budget a little on this. But doubt, usual feature on human nature starts to take hold and made me rethink my idea of upgrading my phone.

Thinking back. I realise how important is a phone to me when I was in camp. Every weekend after we get the phones ( they are kept by the management during the weekdays) I sms-ed my friends non stop, treating that little orange thing as my MSN machine. Actually, my ‘typing skills’ on the phone has improved in this period!

Think again. Now where’s that phone... Oh, maybe It’s lying downstairs in the middle of dunnowhere. Truth is, once I get home I don’t touch my phone at all. Well, I’d still check for missed calls and messages, but bringing around the phone, texting to friends while hanging it on my neck…It’s not me. I rather go online and chat using MSN, or now the new sensation Facebook; watch latest anime episodes, writing blogs while listening to music… Now with my new laptop that old thingy is more or less abandoned already.

Thinking again. My dough will be depleted with this phone upgrade. Sony Ericsson on my hands is guaranteed to last for only three months maybe =.= If I ever use it frequently at all. I’ve already used a lot of money this month, etc etc etc…

So? To change or not to change?

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