Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Furniture Revolution

I guess it’s one of Ma’s big projects scheduled for this year, some changing of furniture that is getting old and creaky in da house. It actually started a few weeks ago, when I came back from camp and met two towering wardrobes at the porch – the old one. I had no feelings for them though, their sharp edges (Really Sharp) have gave me many cuts especially on sleepy early mornings while preparing for school. Nostalgic~
And for the old computer table, the keyboard holder (something that holds the keyboard and slides out when you want to use it) came crashing down one day. Luckily not the whole table. Whereas the old shoe cabinets (really old, brought here from our previous house) is already moisturised by endless years of torrents and heavy rains and looks ready to crumble too. And bookcases, well they cannot cope already with the rising needs of space for books for the three kids, especially the primary six guy and a going-to-be high-schooler.
And so, I present you : -
1. Computer space > Home office
 CIMG7460 CIMG7462
Ma got the idea of buying actual office furniture, saying that they last longer than standard home furniture in warehouses across the road. Result? A scene that is interesting for us, but tiring for Pa tired from a day’s work, only to find a office lookalike just ouside the bedroom!
Well, not quite… but it certainly looks much neater than before!
2. Fusion design
CIMG7461 CIMG7463CIMG7464
Just see how all the types of different styles blend in…or not. But we don’t care, it’s function and cost over appearance ^_^ . Sis said that the twin grey bookshelves looks mean, just likes fierce teachers forcing them to study : )
In pic : Tauke Win rushing his Std. 6 homework
3. Hanging shelves of Balakong
   CIMG7465 CIMG7466
Maximizing space, as they say (in this case it’s airspace) But somehow floating shelves appearing suddenly at home…zzz…
But luckily there’s something that doesn’t change! : )
And yeah, I changed my appearance. The college requires formal wear during orientation and I experimented with some colour matching and this is what I got. Any comments? : )

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stories of summer

Summer in Japan is known to have ghost stories included in their ‘to-do’ list, e.g. A Hundred Tales of Horror etc. This summer 2010 quite a few of summer scary anime made its way onto broadcast : -

This season I’m keeping my eyes and hard drive space for Highschool of the Dead, Shi-ki, Nurarihiyon no Mago and maybe try out Amagami SS (to balance the dosage of excessive horror ^_^) I missed out and haven’t watched Kuroshitsuji 1st season so I decided to lump 2nd season together and watch the show when I’m free.
This year was quite slow on anime, but commencing the end of Spring with Durarara! and Arakawa under the Bridge reaching their finales respectively I must say they are an epic too and a must-watch for anime fans! Especially Shinbo Akiyuki’s works which I watched recently including Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Bakemonogatari represented how anime can be done without relying on the conventional animation styles.
Last but not least, the monthly episode Katanagatari is running well : ) And it’s my first anime post! I wondered why hadn’t I did this sooner~
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Starting a new chapter

This Thursday, a new chapter in life - college life.

Actually it was only just Pre-U in A-levels, but as we say a good start is success half gained (好的开始是成功的一半). Of course I'll strive for the best and do well in my A-Levels, while aiming to go to top universities worldwide!

My future college (4 days more to go) is Methodist College Kuala Lumpur at Brickfields, KL. I took a merit scholarship which entitles me to 50% discout for tuition fees, but to keep this I need to maintain a GPA of 2.7, another reason to have myself do well in A-Levels. And after this I will be a frequent KTM and KL Monorail traveller soon, with the Monorail station near to the college and the Serdang KTM near my place. I guess I will get to know the ways around KL more like I got to know Kajang in my secondary school life.

Looking forward to Thursday! ^_^

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Infatuation    coupled with obsession
Causes distortion    of my sense and direction

Adolescence    hormones causing nonsense
Desperation    to get your attention

Puppy's love
When all that's solid melts into air
Love you forever I will declare
Of course that's just a momentary flair

Puppy's love
All of this will end when you say 'yes'
And we'll start our love story, yeah
But reality is far from that
With the fear that things aren't as we expect
And it remains    Infatuation. 

p/s Just a random post tonight... not that I'm madly in love or something :p
p/p/s It is intended to be a song, if you're interested add some melody and sing ^_^

Friday, June 25, 2010

初めての Interview

This morning, I attended my first interview ever!

It was a cloudy morning, bleary-eyed 7.50 a.m. and the traffic jam caught me worried about being on time at Shell’s house for the first actual, official interview in my life. Luckily everything was fine, although I was the last to reach there…

It all started three months ago when I applied for the scholarship online, but was rather confused by the system used in Shell’s website. Instead of waiting, I wrote an email asking to clarify and guidance on how to fill in the forms and so on. The truth is many of my peers was dismayed by the complexity of the website and gave up without effort. I persevered, and got through. The notice for the 1st unofficial but nevertheless phone interview came when I was in NS camp, luckily the appointment date falls exactly on the term break, 28/4, although it was like the day after I came back and actually was pretty tired. I’ve written about it earlier here. After their ’ten working days’ which is on last Wednesday, I received a call from Shell that I have been selected for the second round of interviews, 24th June 2010 at 8a.m.~

The interview blew my mind.

First round is a Case Study Preparation and Presentation – we are asked to analyse and give solutions to a fictional project that is ran by Shell. Unlike normal interviews, as you can see. It made our brains go into overdrive mode, and the assessors whom we presented our solution too is nice and not intimidating – just hoping to get into their good books : ) . Second round is a group discussion and presentation session with press conference included which is quite interesting too. Exchange of ideas, open-mindedness and tolerance are vital to project cooperation and integration within the group. In conclusion, this interview really changed my perception of interviews from the usual old-school style to this dynamic-styled interviews that are used in today’s world. I read about it a lot in books and the Internet, heard about it from friends and peers, and this I think is a really good first-hand experience, giving a taste of what corporate life is like.

But in overall, I think my performance today have much more room for improvement – as the Chinese saying goes “ 经一事,长一智" (Gain knowledge through experiencing things). And it's nice to meet new people, some like me, some studying or finished Pre-U, and there was even one (Christopher) who is studying Chemical Engineering now! My group of Christopher, Matthew, Jia Yi, Chia Ning, Sarah, Pei Qi and Crystal
(I hope I didn't remembered your names wrong ^_^), it's a pleasure to meet you all!

But of course, I still hope there’s a place for me in the scholarships!

Friday, June 18, 2010


No, this is not a lecture of Einstein’s famous equation. It’s mc2 = mong cha cha (clueless), a perfect description of the mess I created over the scholarship interview I created over the past few days.
The day before yesterday I received a call notifying me of the 2nd stage interview for the scholarship. Naturally I was so glad I just answer yes, yes and yes to any questions she asked, and in the end she gave me this phone number to call to confirm the appointment – xxxx4595. After I asked my mom’s permission i called the number and was greeted with the voicemail, I left a message confirming and put the matter at the back of my head. 

The next day I suddenly thought that the lady who called me mentioned that she was to send the map and everything to my email, but until last night I haven’t received anything yet. Told my mom and she lectured about being proactive, it’s you who wants the scholarship etc, but I really forgot yesterday because I went out-mah! Naturally I didn’t called since it’s after office hours already.

Finally, this morning I called the xxxx4595 number again and was greeted by a gentleman (?) who when I asked, said he’s also from Shell but doesn’t know the caller. He kindly gave me a number which I think is the operator, but I found another number in my inbox belonging to the scholarship coordinator and I called her. She replied, “Wait, I’ll give you the number to the person in charge – xxxx4525.” 4525. Somehow I managed to mishear the ‘2’ to a ‘9’ (=.=|||) Anyway I called the 4525 and confirmed the appointment, maybe she thought ‘wow you need two days to think about it!’ But now it’s finally settled and looking forward to the interview on the 24th!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

man in the mirror

i see my ‘chatbox’ app and realised that up to 90% of the ‘comments’ are actually made by myself. thinking along this line, i wondered if my writing is enjoyable enough for u readers and friends alike. i knew sometimes my posts are like very academic =.= and somehow lacking life, lustre, and the evasive ‘zing’ that is prevalent in successful and interesting blogs.

therefore, in the spirit of looking into the mirror, anyone who read this please kindly drop remarks, critique, praise, suggestions or anything that comes into your head while reading this little corner of mine : ) many thanks in advance and i wish y’all a happy day.

Cell phones

Recently I’m thinking whether to get a new phone for myself. My current one is a dinosaur model, void of any functions you will now associate with most cell phones – camera, MP3, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. After much surfing and diving on the Net, I pretty much laid my eyes on this model W705 by Sony Ericsson. The specs are nice, although I need to stretch my budget a little on this. But doubt, usual feature on human nature starts to take hold and made me rethink my idea of upgrading my phone.

Thinking back. I realise how important is a phone to me when I was in camp. Every weekend after we get the phones ( they are kept by the management during the weekdays) I sms-ed my friends non stop, treating that little orange thing as my MSN machine. Actually, my ‘typing skills’ on the phone has improved in this period!

Think again. Now where’s that phone... Oh, maybe It’s lying downstairs in the middle of dunnowhere. Truth is, once I get home I don’t touch my phone at all. Well, I’d still check for missed calls and messages, but bringing around the phone, texting to friends while hanging it on my neck…It’s not me. I rather go online and chat using MSN, or now the new sensation Facebook; watch latest anime episodes, writing blogs while listening to music… Now with my new laptop that old thingy is more or less abandoned already.

Thinking again. My dough will be depleted with this phone upgrade. Sony Ericsson on my hands is guaranteed to last for only three months maybe =.= If I ever use it frequently at all. I’ve already used a lot of money this month, etc etc etc…

So? To change or not to change?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Liberation day

As I get my certificate
Of three months in service's
To the country and nation
And for the youth's salvation

Or rather

3 months of food and bed
Which I barely ate
And training and classes every day
But trainees tries to sneak some sleep instead

Think about it. The programme -
IS it really benificial, or merely superficial?

Well, let bygones be bygones,
as I have a long road ahead,
And during this break I have lots to do!