Sunday, May 2, 2010

Re-boot (camp)

After 6 days of term break, I’m going back to national service tomorrow… Leaving the ‘real’ world until June 12, return to hide in the middle of nowhere, seperated from the outside world…
And I’m looking forward to the flying fox, jungle trekking, blood donation, and other fun activities promised by the camp before we left for holiday. There was already one let-down – the kayaking activity was cancelled because the Ministry of Health tested the water in the lake and found it hazardous. So much for the words ‘Aqua village’ in the camp’s name.
Over the holidays I had a Sandakan friend coming over to my house to stay. I don’t know if I’m being a good host ^_^, but at least I brought him to Kajang and The Mines during his stay.
No visit to Kajang is complete without the satay!
Bowling and snooker, don’t think they have it at Sandakan
Hope he enjoyed the trip!
Lastly, I hope that I’ll receive more scholarship interviews (and the scholarships, of course) to help me in my pursuit of higher edu, and of course more holidays!

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