Thursday, April 29, 2010

Speakin’ English

I finished my Shell phone interview today after one hour of brain squeezing and speakin’ the English Language for a full hour. Until recently I never had to do this before!
In the interview I got some words messed up caused by my habit to use stupid bombastic words, and had some moments where I need to repeat a sentence to get my grammar right. I don’t need to deal with this with writing, but somehow my lack of speaking English in real life causes me to think longer to construct sentences in my head before speaking out.
When I was young I used to speak English, and that time I spoke fluently. Then I moved to Kajang, a place with many Chinese and slowly Mandarin and Cantonese took over as my main language of conversation. The fact that I’m in a Chinese vernacular school added salt to the pain. It’s not that I’m discriminating Chinese and Cantonese, but in today’s world English holds centrestage. Luckily my writing is still okay, thanks to the English newspapers I read daily.
In the interview the interviewer asked me, “which part of you do you think you still need to improve?” And I said without thinking, “ communication, especially in English”. Seems I need to hone my spoken English, especially if by God’s grace I managed to get to the next level and nearer to the scholarship (result known within ten working days). 

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