Friday, March 12, 2010

Still da Pen is mightier than Photoshop

Yup, and that means I would still write.

Getting the big B+ on BM was a little bit unexpected, and mars my otherwise beautiful, colourful result slip. AS you know (or may not know), I’ve never seen a B for my BM, and my essays are considered top notch, but this time only god knows what happened.

Well, it’s still cosnidered okay, just that I will miss out on some already heavily-contested scholarship programmes offered by the government and GLCs. And what’s more, now no one can doubt my English level, since I get A+ in English, EST and even the 1119(GCE-O) level I scored 1A. That is an alternative result as marked by Cambridge examiners (every essay in the SPM is sent there for marking).

To you who are so good in BM~~~~~~ Do try out these scholarship, and don’t try to fight with me on others ><

Petronas Scholarship

Deadline : 19 March 2010

JPA Scholarship


Newspaper Article by JPA:



** NOTE: PLEASE read the FAQ and Rules before asking questions.


DEADLINE: 17 March 2010

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