Monday, March 8, 2010


And I’ve joined them who left in search of better life… Don’t get it wrong, I’m not MP of some opposition, just a former storekeeper who joined the list of retired 99speedmart employees. Thanks to fellow bosses and colleagues who have taken good care of me during my stint and wishing all the best to them.

And to start my ‘lecture’, through my job and driving lessons with fellow friends, I came to realise that in the world academics aren’t everything. During school, the boundary that differentiates the ‘good’ from the ‘poor’ students is unfortunately the marks they get in routine exams. I also have that view as I’m more of an above-average student at school, and guiltily I tend to subconsciously look down on those from the lower-performing classes. The education system, the school, the teachers are responsible for this mindset to prevail, and the supposedly ‘poorer’ students are lumped together and treated as invalids (TRUTH : It’s as said by a teacher of mine), although they’re not and have skills and interests of their own.

Life goes a lot deeper than that, and everyone have their own skills. Of course, in the advanced world knowledge is the best weapon, but other skills are also necessary to complete a society. Fortunately, the big world can still use such skills and they can hone and put their skills to good use. Ultimately, it’s good enough if you earn an honest living and render your services to society.

Education isn’t limited to just pen, paper, books and exam marks. It is a continuous process that takes into account experience, general knowledge, critical and logical thinking, and of course lessons learnt during the course of life.

But well, another academic performance result is coming out on Thursday, and it’s none other than the result of the Big S – SPM!

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